Any Experience with Testo 875i?

I have used the Testo 882 and I like it a lot. However there is a significant resolution drop as well as a significant price drop moving to the 875i. Any thoughts?

Just don’t drop it.

Great answer to the member’s question Mr. IR.
To answer your question Robert, the 875 will be OK for home inspections under the right conditions.

Did you expect anything more of a answer Linus.
Robert check all avenues and camera’s sometimes cheap is not the way to go.

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Yeah i have used multiple cameras working for another inspector and I liked the Testo 882 the best. I thought the Image was very clear, the manual focus worked very well and the pictures are good quality. That being said I know its hard to downgrade to a lower model but price is a concern.

However, I have not finished my search yet so I may find something else

Any suggestions are appreciated. I want to stay around $3000 if possible

You can find some good deals on EBay. I saved thousands $$$ on a mid wave imager I recently purchased but you have to be patient and vigilant.

Be aware that repairs on an IR camera without warranty are so expensive, that it is sometimes better to buy a new camera. That’s when a two year warranty comes in handy. At least take it for a test drive before you buy.

Robert, I ordered 875i-1 with Super Resolution. I’m still waiting for it but during my Level 1 course I liked TESTO 875 alot. It has many excellent qualities for its price and new i-series has improved thermal sensitivity, frame refresh rate and with super resolution it should be capable of doing wonderful things for the newbee like myself.:smiley:

How would you propose take it for a test drive if you dont know anyone who owns the camera personally?

By the way I am leaning heavily towards new. Trying to limit out of pocket expenses once i start my business and a warranty sounds great.

If it suits your business, buy it…

Testo is a good cam, I don’t know how you would like the 160x120, but its better than nothing and good enough for basic home inspections.

You probably wouldn’t lose more than a grand trying to sell it if you didn’t like it.

Call Testo, they’ll let you demo one.

That’s the problem.

If you buy without a test drive you inherit all the unknown issues the camera may have. They are very very expensive to repair. It is many times better to buy a new one than repair a used one. Given that reality… I recommend buying a new one that gives you full warranty protection.

Like Dale said, contact a sales rep to take one for a test drive, call a few and try different manufacturers. Many manufacturers have sales demo models and refurbished cameras that are warranted and are discounted too, so you may be able to get a used 875 for a little more than an 875i. Don’t get stuck on Jonnie’s sales pitch for Fluke. While you are at it, have you considered infrared training/certification? By all means get training by a provider that is recognized around the world as a leader in infrared training for over 32 years. They actually understand what they teach and are there to answer any questions you may have down the road. They don’t give advice like "just don’t drop it".

Doesn’t super resolution make it 320x240?

Yuri, it does…kind of. The detector is still a native 160x120. So while in the field you are viewing your target at the native resolution. When you take an image with SR, the image will be 320x240. Any diagnostics on that image is going to be best done via the software.

At the end of the day SR is really more of a reporting feature, unless you are doing bench top type of work.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally think the 875-i1 is the best sub $2500 camera on the market currently.

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For the FLIR owners, you can create an MSX image in FLIR Reporter 9 using the Fusion Tool.

I am looking to buy an IR before long myself, but I am really, really suspect of the Testo line.

I have been using Fluke and FLIR in my main vocation for many years and I am certain of their dependability and function, but I dont want to drop big $$$$$ on an imager. I also used one at one plant that was labeled SKF (think bearing manufacturer), but I never ascertained who made it. It was a good quality imager though.

Has anyone owned and used a Testo brand for any real length of time?

But the measurements are not…

But who cares about those numbers anyway, when just a pretty picture will do?