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Found out Testo has a Super Resolution patent-pending upgrade for their IR cameras. $395.00

Testo claims it increases resolution 1.6X and pixels 4X.

So, per those West German folks -

160x120 goes to 320x240

320x240 goes to a 640x480

640x480 goes to a 1280x960


Free upgraded & much improved software version is downloadable.

I’ll comment once I get the resolution upgrade and successfully install.

Testo claims the technology is already built inside their cameras and the upgrade is available through an activation code (they send via UPS?).


I am actually going to have an 890 to do comparisons with within the next week or so. We will find out.


I have been using this upgrade in my camera since January and I noticed an immediate difference in the image quality. You will not notice a difference on the LCD screen, just the stored image. There was a seminar on the release at IR/Info conference this year. Got a chance to speak with some of the very high up people in Testo about this technology and some improvements on their reporting software.

I didn’t have to get any special code for the upgrade. I simply went onto the Testo website and downloaded the ROM update for my camera and the new version of the reporting software. Once installed on the camera, that is all there is to it. Takes about 5 minutes to do.

One important thing to remember is that this technology works on the subtle movements of your hand as you are holding the camera and taking an image. If you have your camera mounted on a tripod or other kind of stabilization device, the software will not work the way it is described.

This is the one thing that amazed me about the technology…seems backwards. I have seen some images and so far I agree with everything I have read, it increases the image resolution. I also believe it decreases the spot size, which usually is a benefit. Is that accurate Scott?


Spot size is related to the optics configuration of the system and your distance to the object. The software should have no impact on that factor when comparing images or cameras against one another.

SuperResolution offers the following advantages:

  • Four times as many readings in the thermal image
  • Geometric resolution (IFOVgeo) of the thermal image improved by a factor of 1.6
  • Measurable objects are 1.6 times smaller (IFOVmeas)
  • Far more details for PC-based analyses and thus qualitatively and quantitatively improved
    evaluation options in the thermography report

Spot size was the wrong term. The object itself is smaller, which would actually make it harder to get the entire object in the “spot”. They list this as an advantage, I have to sit and think about this for a while, it seems like a potential disadvantage to me.


Sounds like a stich image.
My regular camera takes a burst of images and combines the pixels.

Similar in concept. There is dead space between the sensors in the array that doesn’t get measured. The slight movement that occurs between the images captured in the burst shifts the sensors enough that they capture some of the dead space from the prior image. Do that a number of times and combine them using software and you can “fill in the blanks” yielding higher apparent resolution. Of course if the target itself is moving this doesn’t work.

Testo has also incorporated an algorithm to compensate for some of the normal aberration that occurs due to the lens itself.

Software is much cheaper than FPAs and germanium. I’m totally jealous that there is no similar upgrade for my imager.


I doubt the others will sit around and let this big advantage last for long. Providing the technology works as advertised it is a pretty big game changer. Although many here are not big fans of PiP or Fusion, it didn’t take long for the others to catch up. Infrared Solutions really was ahead of the game on that and many imagers have been sold just because of that technology.


The claims made are not endorsed by the big boys for a reason. Watch and see. That is all I will say for now.

Thanks for the info Scott.

TESTO mailed me today that my upgrade shipped via UPS. (2-4 days)

You downloaded. I have to wait for UPS. (???)

Blah, blah, blah… when/if it shows up and I load it up I’ll post.

I may even try a before and after shot of “something”.

SuperResolution is becoming standard on all new Testo cameras. (All except the 880 can be upgraded) The cameras are the same. The change is the software.

I originally bought through www.valuetesters.com. It felt like they hand delivered it to me after I hung up the phone. Fast and smooth.

Chuck - The SuperResolution is a Testo patent-pending technology for IR. I’m sure whichever manufacturer wants to use the technology will have to pay for it. Better to pay the Germans than the Chinese.

All of our Testo cams come with Super Resolution for free.

Scott, you should of given me a buzz, I would of given it to you for free…I still owe you.

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