Testo 882 Promo

I have been beating people up to make this promo happen.

Through the end of March:

Testo 882 - $7495.00

-Free Super Resolution - $395 value
-Free Infraspection Level X training (hands on or distance learning) - Distance learning course has a $350.00 proctor fee paid directly to Infraspection that is not covered in the cost. Hands on has no proctor fee. - $1695.00 value.

Super Resolution takes the 320x240 images from the 882 and turns them in to 640x480 images. That is a difference of 230,400 pixels. These are “real” pixels. It is not interpolation or “guessed” pixels. All 307,200 pixels are radiometric.

Lease to own at $250.00 per month (O.A.C. - Call for lease details)

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply
Net Zero Tools

This is awesome! Please tell me FLIR will also have the same capabilities in the near future? If FLIR could provide this than I’d be fine with going with the T440.

Seems like FLIR would have been offering this before Testo…

Testo patented it. Although I know of another manufacturer doing the same thing. At 1280x960 it works out to 1,228,800 pixels or 1.23 mega pixels. I have a camera I am messing with right now that is 3.1mp!!! The native detector is over 1mp. Currently I cannot release any info on it or the images, but as soon as I can I will post them up.

Will the same technology be applied to the cheap starter IR camera’s in the $2k range? Basically will people soon be able to buy a cheap 120x120 camera and have it boosted up to 240x240 for $350?

Sounds great for Testo but this is gonna rock FLIR’s world if they can’t offer something similar. Maybe we’re about to see a redistribution of power…