Texaco Boiler

Is anyone familiar with Texaco Boilers? I came accross one today. It had a Texaco logo and stated “Texaco Cast Iron Boilers”. New to me. In any case I am looking for age, Serial # 8178790.


Earle C. Reed made boilers for Texaco thats all i could find

I saw another Texaco boiler today. It was stamped “Texaco Fuel Chief -Oil Heating Equipment”. Below there was another plate " Dumkirk Boilers, mnaufatcured by Dunklirk Boiler for Texaco Corp.

So, Texaco is made by Dunkirk. The last one I saw had no such plate.

Kugler 084.jpg


They most likely had several people making boilers for them

Any luck with figuring out the age of one of these boilers?
I came across one myself. I figured out that Paragon Oil was bought out by Texaco, and Gunkirk Radiator Corp was the company making these for Texaco. Any input on determining the age?