texas exam

I was wondering why we dont see any prep exams for texas. I guess psi is in control of trec testing. is there a prep test for texas exam? Can someone give me a hint on what to expect on the texas exam. or give me any pointers.


Jason, yes, PSI proctors the TREC exam and the questions were developed by TREC and the Inspectors Committee. The questions are closely guarded and have not filtered out into the public domain as other test questions have. Take the practice test Nick referenced in the above message, take a good, high quality 448 hour training course, study your training materials and you will do fine.

Also see: clickherebutton.gif](http://www.kaplanprofessionalschools.com/texas/home-inspection/menu_id`1389`category_id`201`m_category_id`201`family_id`408`m_family_id`408`product_id`4475`media_id`169`product_type_id`6`from`product_list`class_detail.aspx)

and: TREC_ExamTipsSampleTest-Inspector.pdf (48.9 KB)

thank you for that bit of information.


thank you. i have done my 448. but you know when studying a test that you really have no clue about just gets me nervouse. I guess that is why it is a test. thank you for your information.


There is some good advise on this thread from Nick and M. Boyett.

Also, it helps to calm your mind when you realize that failing is
not the end. You can use the failure to learn MUCH and then
go back and ace it the next time.

The test is multiple choice… so you can isolate some choices that
you know do not fit. Then pick the one that seems the most
likely to be right on the ones you do not know for sure.

MANY times people miss an answer because they have not
understood the real question. Take you time, and good luck.

Let us know when you pass, so we can all celebrate your victory…:wink:

I felt the same way before I took the test.
One thing I noticed about the test (in my opinion) is that is designed to wear-you-out

After about question 85 you start wondering how much longer it will take for you to finish.

Relax, read each question twice (if need be)
use the notepaper to keep your self on track
watch out for the “almost right” answers -that is what John referenced with understanding what the question is really asking.

ITA has 2 day prep courses that are very good. Check their schedule.

They recommend taking the test within 2-3 days of taking the prep course but for logistical reasons my son and I could not do that so we make hundreds of flash cards from the prep material and quizzed back an forth on them to keep sharp until we could take the test. We both passed first time.

Even if you don’t take the prep course, go thru your training materials and make flash cards and then have a friend, wife, etc. work with you on them. They help a lot.

And how did I get to be a non member on this board? My membership is valid for another 9 months or so and I can get to the members area.

thank you for all your information. i will continue to study out of my books and hope for the best. thanks again.

Hey Jason, 3 times was the charm for me. So hang in there, study hard and keep getting input from this forum and you will do just fine!!