Texas Inspectors - The approved SOP and form is now posted


The new, approved and final SOP and REI 7A-1 has been posted on the TREC WEB site. It can be located at:


Look to the left under “Recently Adopted And Proposed TREC Rules” and “Prop. Insp. Report” menu options.

Thanks Manny.

I was looking at the six page TREC inspection form. Do they allow you to report on more than what is on the form?

Yes, you can.

The form is rather simplistic looking as compared to the SOP, don’t cha think?

What are the most noticeable changes to the SoP requirements?

John, I’m working on a short Powerpoint presentation to highlight the significant SOP changes. I should have it finished later today and will send or post a copy soon.

John, see if you can open & view this Draft Version of my Powerpoint Show.

New_SOP.zip (115 KB)


Very good presentation!!

Thanks Mike. I’ve been working on the new update for Home Inspector Pro for the changes. Nolan has been very helpful and I’d like to see the slideshow you made too. Do you mind saving it as a 2003 PPT file. I don’t have Office 2007 and Open Office can’t open 2007 files yet.

Dominic…I’ll e-mail you a .ppt version. Standby.

Thanks Mike. You could always convert it to PDF format too that way anyone who doesn’t have powerpoint could view it.

I should have looked before opening my mouth. MS released a free 2007 PP viewer just like they have with previous versions. I’m downloading it now. Anyone else can download it at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=048DC840-14E1-467D-8DCA-19D2A8FD7485&displaylang=en

Yes, I have a pdf version and was going to post that here but it exceeds the board’s allowable size so I didn’t do that. I had already sent the ppt and the pdf to you prior to seeing this post so you can just ignore that e-mail.

I got them. You’ve done a great job summarizing some of the changes. I’m guessing this is directed for showing off to real estate agents. I look forward to seeing the final version.


Would you please send me your pdf version?


Jack…you can access my draft pdf version Here

That powerpoint is good, but misses a basic change.

The new SoP tries to use inclusive requirement lists. These things are no longer exemplars and the general definition of “inspect” is not used in the requirements.

Some categories have report as defective… defects. That is basically the same as other standards. But for sections where only specific defects are listed, that’s it. If it is not listed, you do not have to report the defect.

The universe of roofing defects is now two items (slope & fastening). The universe of dishwasher defects is 15x bigger than for roofing.

I’m sorry, but only a buffoon would pry up shingles on an otherwise sound roof to look at fasteners.

You do not have to report damage from “ordinary wear and tear”. ??

Good night and Good Luck.

Russell, I have always felt the TREC SOP was guilty of the sins above. Now, they have simply re-arranged them. I’ve said all along that the TREC SOP was inordinately long and concentrated too many specific defects in certain, let’s say, less than important areas. I believe an argument can be made that says the new SOP requires you still report all roofing defects, in addition to the specific ones listed, but that argument is somewhat convoluted and that’s my issue with it.

There was an Inspectors Committee meeting yesterday, 11/10/08, that was apparently scheduled just a couple of days ago. The posted agenda said the meeting was to discuss an SOP Commentary. I didn’t see the meeting schedule until it was too late so I did not attend.