Insider info: TREC approves SOP and new report form...

one of the local training firms has this to say before it’s posted on the TREC site, sad state we live in…thanks IC

The Texas Real Estate Commission “TREC” has UPDATED and released a NEW VERSION of the inspectors Standards of Practice “SoP’s” and Standard Report Form REI 7A-1. TREC adopted the New SoP’s as of October 27, 2008. All TREC licensed inspectors have until February 1, 2009 to comply with the new SoP’s and to bring thier inspection report form into compliance with REI 7A-1.

The changes vary from getting rid of the words “In need of Repair” and replacing them with “Deficient”, new and updated definitions, to reorganizing and reformatting so that the inspection report form and the SoP’s follow along in the same order.

The New Standards also contain many New “Specific Limitations”. These New Specific Limitations will assist in
lowering inspector liability. The NEW REPORT FORM also has new promulgated liability limiting language on the first two pages to help set the consumers expectations. This is a REAL BONUS with the new E & O requirements.
There are also several changes that will require the inspector to document additional information throughout the standard report form.

Some of the significant changes include:

Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) to 2008 NEC Standards
Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) to 2008 NEC Standards
Smoke Alarm locations and required testing
Water Pressure
Water Heater Capacity
and much, much more…

Wow…a used house salesmen’s dream. Every inspector doing the same thing with the exact same report.

Did anyone bother to pretend how this was supposed to “benefit the consumer” or have they just stopped pretending, altogether?

Just to add to what Barry posted. Here is what I was also told was finalized today:

Voluntary compliance is effective as of today and the mandatory compliance date is: 02/01/09.

I have to add that that was not discussed at today’s meeting. It may very well be true but it is not official & I’ll attempt to get a reading on it asap from TREC. Personally, I would be very reluctant to use any of the various revisions that have been floating around the last few weeks, i.e. the SOP version on the TREC website right now is not the latest version. I would caution folks to wait for the official, promulgated forms and SOP to be posted on the TREC website and that may take a couple of weeks.

Also see:


Thanks for clearing the muck :wink:
I, for one, won’t be changing anything until it appears on the TREC site

It was a little too ironic that the site was already advertising this and I received the news before the meeting ever took place.

As with all things political and inspectable leaks will be found…

Yes, Barry I too saw that Education website yesterday posting that information. Let’s just say I have more issues than just the premature posting but that’s for another time & place. :slight_smile:

My hide’s stretched so thin you can read tomorrow’s news through it…appears we’re getting very close to being one report away from the end…

I have confirmed with the Inspector Committee Chairman that the official recommendation is to wait at least until the promulgated 7A-1 report form and new SOP are posted on the TREC website. He also says that it is perfectly permissible and maybe even advisable to wait until 2/1/09 to start using them.