Texas Inspectors who've bought and used the InterNACHI Narrative Library for HG

Inspectors who purchase the comprehensive InterNACHI Narrative Library for HomeGauge need to figure out how to incorporate it into their library. The choices (from an inspector):

“1. Slowly but surely build my global list to look like yours, then modify the templates to pull in the new comments.
2. Start with yours which already has the global list completely architected and change by report to the Texas 7-5 format
Any idea which route to take or if #2 is even possible?”.

Anyone care to give him (and me) a little help?

I would say the second choice. I do know the Texas 7-5 format is. The way your category filter is set up makes your template searchable. If he requires a lot of comments that are in your template already I would modify it. If it requires a lot less information, I would not use it.