Texas License Renewal

Hi there,
TREC has a new website and I am not seeing the way to upload CE certs.
Does anyone know how?

Also, I did the fingerprint and background check on the last renewal.
Do we have to do that each renewal?
I have emailed TREC(with no answer) and tried to call and the phone says they are so busy they are not even allowing people calling in to hold.

Figured people on here is a better option for help:)

Answers in blue above. Good luck!

Thank you!
No option to upload on the fancy new website huh?
Glad I do not have to do the background check again.
thanks again!

You can fax these into TREC.

If you took the classes in person in a classroom setting, there will be no certificates. The providers use the sign in sheets to submit to TREC instead. Much easier and faster. If this was your situation, check your license number on the TREC website and see if your classes are already listed.

Paul- Who faxes anything anymore ? :smiley: :smiley: