(Texas) Measuring with a ZipLevel Help

Hello all,

Our company is wanting to implement ZipLevels into our inspections. We are having trouble finding the acceptable tolerance for foundation movement.

We are seeing both 1/4” in 10’ as well as 1/2” in 10’ listed as the standard acceptable variance for standard foundations. Other figures state that as long as the foundation is within 1.5” it is acceptable. Other “experts” say 1” in 30’ is ok.

Can anyone give some clarification on the subject?

Thank you,
Joey O’Neill
TREC #23196

All of your answers can be found here https://foundationperformance.org/.

Joseph, be careful not to mistake construction errors or sloppy workmanship for foundation movement.

If I lived in Texas I would try to offer slab elevation documentation services so the new homeowner will have “as built” elevations to help verify actual movement verses construction mistakes at a later date. I would also includes photos and map any visible cracks in the initial inspection.

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That is one of the issues we see a lot here with Inspectors performing elevation measurements. Clients do not seem to be properly advised the elevation readings are useful only as a baseline unless a prior and similarly performed elevation survey was taken for comparisons or there is obvious foundation movement. As a result to many times the elevation measurements cloud the waters and can cause issues.

We have a lot of crap work going on here both in new construction and remodels/repairs resulting in erroneous observations. Even something as innocuous as poorly installed tile can cause differences when movement is not the cause. Most taking these measurements only whip out the level measuring equipment, record what it reads, and leave the client hanging as to what it means.