Text me widget

Has anyone gotten inquiries from the “text me” widget?

Not me.

People have text me several times. It usually late at night when the text and I think mostly on the weekends. I think they want answers, but don’t think anyone will answer the phone or its to late to call. But yes they have used it and yes it has lead to income…not much, but if something free leads to some money…well then its worth it to me.

Even if not used it is good marketing.

I’ve booked 7 inspections from my text widget. I think I’ve had it up for maybe 6-12 months or so.

I’ve booked a couple inspections because clients thought it was too late to call or they were viewing my website when they were on company time. For the small space that it takes up on my website, it is worth keeping there.

I’ve heard quite a few guys say the same as above. Definitely worth it, so is Plugoo.com

I’ve had quite a few use my website contact form, just not the Text Me widget.

Most of those are spam from marketers from my end.
I think they have some robot finding my forms.

Make sure you have CAPTCHA on the form and you won’t get spam! If it’s one of our sites, let me know and I’ll add it for you.