Thank you HomeGauge! F-150 truck's glove compartment has a gift certificate.

HomeGuage, which offers NACHI members a great deal at: just announced that they have stuffed the Ford F-150 pickup truck’s glove compartment with a big gift certificate.

Thanks HomeGuage!

Thats very nice of them

HomeGauge is really good company with top notch customer service.

All those Russ/el/ls are great - esp, in No’th Ca’lina:D

Zefon International is throwing in the bed of the truck a Deluxe Mold Sampling Kit (valued at $369).

Thanks so much Zefon! :smiley:


A Flier camera would be nice too?:smiley:

Update: HomeGauge has included in the truck’s glove compartment a gift certificate good for tons of HomeGauge products and services.

$500 cash!
Spend it any way you want

Free software!
Fully licensed version of HomeGauge 3.2 ($845 value)

One full year of Gold service or Platinum service (Gold plus a website and hosting).

HomeGauge is proud to be a part of the NACHI Prolab Truck giveaway.

Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge President

Russell is the man!!!

Thanks Russell!

Thanks to every one for the opportunity to win this package.

Thank you Russell…now just need Todd to win and my day will be complete!

Too Cool!!!

Hi to all,

Russell, many thanks that is real generous of you.

For those who don’t know Russell and Homeguage, they have long been a supporter of all things NACHI.