NACHI's Ford F-150 Giveaway!

Sounds like a great way of doing it.

Only fair way we could come up with.


Way to go Nick and Pro Lab!

now that’s cool!!

Glad to see it’s being kept to attendees, despite the rumors . . .

Great deal!

Great work Nick and Chris!

10 finalists were drawn by Jeff today:

0 - Joe Bailey, Sr. House Call Inspection Service, LLC,, Tennessee.
1 - Richard Buhrm, National Property Inspections,, West Virginia.
2 - Timothy Gardner, Inspecx, LLC.,, Virginia.
3 - Michael Gault, A to Z Home Inspections, South Carolina.
4 - Marcel Gratton, On the Level Inspection, Quebec.
5 - Marcus Hutnick, Southern New Hampshire Inspection and Testing Services, LLC,, New Hampshire.
6 - Steve Mahaffey, Steve Mahaffey Inspections,, Georgia.
7 - Carl Pennick, Wise Move Home Inspections,Inc.,, Florida.
8 - James Rooff, Milestone Home Inspection, LL,C, Iowa.
9 - Todd Schwalbe, Above & Beyond Home Inspections Inc.,, Florida.

Todd, if you win my truck, you get to buy the burgers & Guiness next year . . .
Good luck!


Does anyone know what time the Florida lottery number is drawn on March 1st?

I think it is 8 pm.

Congrats Carl,

Hope to see you driving the new truck to a chapter meeting.

Congrats to all ten.

I see three individuals on that list that I hope to see win this fantastic truck (or 15,000 big ones).

Thanks Greg, I will give you ride to the next meeting if you like

I thought it wasn’t being settled until the March 1st Florida numbers drawing. Did I miss something?

10 finalists have been randomly selected by NACHI’s own Jeff Cohen (attorney, CPA) and have been assigned a number from 0 to 9. A winner will be announced online on March 1st to be determined by the last digit (4th digit) of the March 1st Florida Play4™ number.

Russell dont count your chickens before they hatch with my luck I do not stand a chance of winning. My van died yesterday & thats my kind of luck I have been to 3 service shops today & they still dont know whats wrong with it but they keep charging me! :frowning:

I’ll give all ten finalists $1000 each if they assign their chance to me. <grin>