New Ford Truck

I see one of the finalists in the NACHI ford Truck give away is a Canadian .
All the best and Good luck to .#4 Marcel
Roy sr

Re: NACHI’s Ford F-150 Giveaway! 10 finalists were drawn by Jeff today:

0 - Joe Bailey, Sr. House Call Inspection Service, LLC,, Tennessee.
1 - Richard Buhrm, National Property Inspections,, West Virginia.
2 - Timothy Gardner, Inspecx, LLC.,, Virginia.
3 - Michael Gault, A to Z Home Inspections, South Carolina.
4 - Marcel Gratton, On the Level Inspection, Quebec.
5 - Marcus Hutnick, Southern New Hampshire Inspection and Testing Services, LLC,, New Hampshire.
6 - Steve Mahaffey, Steve Mahaffey Inspections,, Georgia.
7 - Carl Pennick, Wise Move Home Inspections,Inc.,, Florida.
8 - James Rooff, Milestone Home Inspection, LL,C, Iowa.
9 - Todd Schwalbe, Above & Beyond Home Inspections Inc.,, Florida.

Good luck to all of the finalist. But I have to rout for the one closest to me.

Well…you can BET your butt I am rootin for the Virginia Boy…:slight_smile:

Paul I am proud of you I thought I was getting up in years but with out a dought you are the greatest.
I ckicked on your name and your profile says "
" Date of Birth:
June 30th, 1909 Age:
96 Location:
Harrisonburg, VA Interests:
hell…Who has time for a hobby ?
"You do well for 96
Roy Cooke sr

Marcel is not from Canada, he is from Quebec… a totally different country if you ask me :wink: :smiley: .

Sort of correct but he does a lot of his work in Ontario,
He is able to comunicate in both languages a big advantage in his area.
Canada manages to get along with two languages, better then many other countries.
Roy Cooke sr
A Happy NACHI member.
NACHI try it you to might find out how great it is.

It is amazing how you all can do the bi-lingual thing so well. We have two languages too… those who speak good English and those who speak gooder. :slight_smile:

Actually Nick, we have not separated yet so I’m still Canadian. I agree with your comment though that Québec is different…language and all.

It was 1 vote away from secession not too long ago, eh?