Thank You Mark Cohen!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mark Cohen. I let Nick know about something that an upset seller has been doing that wasn’t right and I was getting nowhere on my own. Nick immediately copied Mark on the emails and Mark jumped right into action.

I really can’t say enough about Mark - he took his valuable time, researched and checked into the issue, drafted a fantastic letter, and really helped my company out in so many ways. Having Mark on our team is invaluable and an incredible asset to all InterNACHI members. His knowledge, abilities, and his approachable disposition are second to none.

Mark, Nick, and InterNACHI are incredible. What other organization takes care of their members like this? Thank you again Mark, you are awesome!

Good post thanks Ian.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Thanks Mark.

Good to know your experience and effectiveness of Mr Cohen.
Had a idiot trying to muddy my name on Facebook last night but thanks to a few people complaining the guys posts were removed yet you never know with these idiots… Might need Mr Cohens services.

Awesome job Mark Cohen!

A Huge thanks to Mark, but a Bigger thanks for having Mark on board with NACHI…

Thanks Nick and Mark !!!


I took a class with Mark Cohen in May of 2007 .
Great info sure taught me things I needed to know .
Thanks Mark you sure helped me .
All the best . Roy Cooke This is where I met Will D.


Just an update. Mark had written a letter to a seller for me to let them know that their defaming me and lying about me and my company because they were upset about me doing my job and being thorough was not appropriate. After some back and forth between me and the seller, Mark ultimately proved triumphant after he sent her a very well written letter. Mark is a master of his craft, and I totally owe him a cold one :slight_smile: