Nick is the MAN!!!!

OK guys, there is no association better than INTERNACHI. Nick looks out for his members like no one I’ve ever known. I had a problem with a former client, and he stepped up big time. Without getting into too many details let me tell you what happened.

At the end of February, I did an inspection on a newer house, and everything was in really good shape. Or so I thought. I missed something, would rather not get into the details on what it was. Well, the guy spent $4500 on replacing something without contacting me first. Next thing you know, he is treating to take me to court if I don’t give him $1000, which he claimed was 2x my fee. My fee was $460. Anyway, I consulted with Nick on this matter, and he gives me his personal number and tells me to have my client contact him. Long story short, Nick paid the guy $250, I paid him $500, and he is not coming after me. NICK ROCKS!!! I may have been OK in court, but didn’t want to take the time or hassle to deal with it, and I truly believe that Nick helped me stay away from it for basically the cost of this inspection.

Thank you again Nick!

Good for you Travis.
Very nice testimonial for Nick’s unselfish help.

I have often said in prior posts, I will always be a member of InterNACHI. There is simply no other organization like it ANYWHERE! I love and appreciate how active Nick is in the day to day functions of InterNACHI. Not to mention, he is very good about answering email questions as well.

There is no home inspector organization like InterNACHI! Nick and his staff take care of their members!

The consumer initially wanted $4,500 but I let him vent for half an hour and then wore him out on the phone for another hour. All’s well that ends well.


As if you’re not busy enough with everything else you have going on. It truly was a surprising and appreciated thing that you did for me, and I’m sure you would do for any other member. Thank you again Nick.

You are a great guy Nick. That is an amazing testimonial

Good job Nick!

Nick is indeed the man.

I can’t image getting someone from a certain board of directors on the phone to help like that.

Thanks Nick.

Me neither.

Thanks for all you do for the members.

I know Nick for over 15 years and he is a true leader and committed to assist his fellow inspector. A great mentor, a great friend and a leader in the industry. Kudos to Brother Nick!!!

We all miss things from time to time. Its good to know the association can help. I have heard that InterNACHI offers the most to its members when compared to other associations…that is why I am with InterNACI.