This is the best email I've ever received from any InterNACHI member.

John Kidwell via
4:50 PM (2 minutes ago)



While you and I have had generally respectful disagreements over the years on certain issues, I have never had any doubt that you have always had NACHI member’s backs and would go to bat for them.

What can one say… as Bob said “WOW”. Goes to show why we are here and why we support InterNACHI…


You rock Nick… Enough said

Thanks Nick\NACHI well done… Roy

Worth repeating. WOW!!

Good stuff, you’d be a good man to have next to me in the trenches…

WOW! Good job Nick!

Job well done. Thanks Nick!

Nice job Nick for standing behind us,when the chips are down. Proud to be a member! :slight_smile:

Nicks generosity NEVER ceases to amaze me.

He is a hell of a guy and I hope if I grow up I can be like him someday :slight_smile:

Good stuff, always comes back 10 fold. More than the money, restores hope in the human spirit and will impact John in many ways.

The sensor will edit what we should write, but that is “expletive” awesome alright.

Nick Gromicko is without doubt a very generous man. Much more than anyone could ever realize from just visiting this forum. This is a mere glimpse into what really happens hidden from all the fanfare and public view. I personally can attest to that and am very grateful beyond words. Thank you Sir.


very nice

That is beyond awesome Nick.
Thanks for being “you”.

The email is nice but I have a question Nick?
Was this done out of general kindness, or was this for some type of program offered? Meaning was this for the buy back guarantee or was this through internachi legal services, etc???

I didn’t consult with our attorneys and I didn’t even tell the member (inspector). Buying the home back was my first remedy (it’s clean) and I had already started the process to do so just to nip it in the bud. But the consumers were just unhappy about everything (if you know what I mean). I’ve been doing this for years and have acquired a nose for consumers who are going to blow up all over everyone and make the issue their life’s work. I get about 5 of them a year. It’s in all of our best interests for me to just resolve it personally and instantly before it unwinds.