Thanks Ray,Lisa, and NACHI too

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[FONT=“Tahoma”]???Hands-on learning and sitting in a classroom are opposites. Sounds like youneed the InterNACHI House of Horrors:]([/FONT]
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Since Nachi is well known for giving out free memberships, and free educationand free CMI’s which do not equate to a manner in which professionalassociations operate I would have to advise Andrew to take the ASHI route.

American Society of Home Inspectors - the only true association certified by anindependent outside third party. (ICE : What isAccreditation?](

Benefits of ASHI Membership | American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI[/FONT]
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  • *Since there are so many free offerings by Nachi perhapsLisa would be so kind as to send a ‘free’ airline ticket to Colorado where theHouse of Horrors is located since Andrew is in Alabama. **
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      [FONT=“Tahoma”]Done. I just got it approved. Andrew, we’llpay for your airline ticket so that you can attend a
      homeinspection school. You can’t learn this business looking at a chalkboard.](

Furthermore, the courses you take with InterNACHI will count toward yourcollege degree in home inspections, should you ever want to earn a real collegedegree.

And you get real membership benefits, (not fluff that you have to pay for additionallylike the link Raymond posted). Here, take the evening off, go to this webpage,and click and scroll. You might need two evenings actually: InspectorMembership Benefits - InterNACHI

When can you book a flight?[/FONT]
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Re: Best Training?

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Thats very kind of Nachi. If I were Andrew I would take you up on the offer.

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Thank you.

Re: Best Training?
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[FONT=“Tahoma”]Everyone who visits the school gets a ton of free stuff.They get to meet one-on-one with an inspector marketing specialist, they get tohave a free home inspection logo designed, they get a free membership inInterNACHI, they get inspection textbooks, they get to meet with our attorneyfor free legal help, and they get a tour of the Inspection Museum: InterNACHI Inspection Museum –InterNACHI School


Very cool!!!

Now that’s a member benefit no other association can match. Maybe NACHI should open up an airline and sell cut-price tickets to the Colorado HOH? If trump can do it…

I support that, Lenny!