Thanks to all

Got the $100 check for most helpful of the week and appreciate it greatly.

Soon as Nick said the check was on the way I said I would use it for charity and immediately after got $100 off discount on a purchase unexpectedly,opened a letter for a $100 discount,was offered a $100 bonus check on a job,and my phone has been ringing way more than usual.

Guess I better donate that thing fast but it proves Karma is real so keep good and good things happen.

Want to make a presentation but still thinking of ideas and will post once I give it away as I always like to give it physically when I do it.

Hoping to run into someone in need.

It sounds like that will give you great satisfaction, too, Bob…congratulations! :slight_smile:

Awesome karma! Good for you!!

Stand up guy as usual, Bob! Nice going.

Way to go Bob

Way to go Bob. I was taught at a young age that Karma goes 10 times fold, either for the good or bad direction. You and others here deserve it.

When you donate, do it with a big smile and a happy heart.

I see that Jeffrey Jonas made it back. “Welcome back Jeff”