Thank You

I would like to personally thank everyone who emailed and called me the last couple weeks regarding my pancreas issue.

The Mayo Clinic called me a little while ago and said I do NOT have Cancer.

A special thanks to: Carl Brown, Big Jim, John Mckenna, Will Decker, Ken Lott…you guys all know what you did, and I give you a special thanks…!!


Glad to hear it.


I am glad your O.K.

That’s great news Dale…! :slight_smile:

Thank GOD.

I’m glad to hear that things went well.

Take care of yourself, Dale.

That is great news, Dale. Really glad that worked out for you.

I’m happy for you Dale. :smiley:

Sweet !!! great news Dale

Wow…!!! Great news Dale. What a blessing.
Glad your going to be alright. :slight_smile:

Excellent news!

Great news! Glad to hear everything is alright Dale!

Thats good, now get back to work.:smiley:

Great news Dale. I know the relief, as my wife is a cancer survivor, with almost 10 years in remission.

Glad you’re OK Dale. Are you gonna model some of those outfits for your fiance now???:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Good news buddy.

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words EVERYONE, it makes me feel great to know I am with the best group of people in the world…!!


Great news Dale, very glad to hear your ok.

I didn’t know Dale…

I’m very happy to hear the great news though!!!

Must be Luck of the Irish

Hey Dale,

That’s awesome news!! I’m glad to hear that everything went so well!