The best way to survive a slow market...

is through the diversification of services offered.

Become an IAC2 Certified Mold Inspector and offer Certified Mold Inspection services.

FREE InterNACHI Membership
FREE IAC2 Membership
FREE HomeGauge Software
FREE Course Book

Check it out HERE.

Diversify :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben,


What you say about this (the pictures below) is very important. It’s a significant aspect of a certified mold inspection.
Learn to inspect for mold HERE.





I have already taken the Nachi mold course and passed. Am I still eligible for the free course book and the home gage software? If so what do I do next?

Well Ben!!!:twisted:

There are two mold courses.

One is free, online, HERE.

There other is the online video course, which includes and means much more.
Certified Instructor
Renowned mycologist
FREE InterNACHI membership
FREE IAC2 membership
FREE software from HomeGuage
FREE course book
12 CE hours

First half of the video course is free.
There’s a 8 minute preview here.

So…the free course(s) has less value. Is that what you are saying?


It’s each individual’s choice to take it or leave it at any price

Have you even looked at the courses and taken any of the free offers?

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation” Herbert Spencer


I agree with Lem.

You get what you pay for.

I’ll take that as a no to my question and a yes to the Spencer quote

I have watched some free training. I even saw a video that was $39 (but has been lowered to $15, I understand). I did not get anything new from any of them that I found to be of any value.

Does that answer your question.

Yes, thank you,

Others, less experienced than you may find value or it could be their first introduction to these educational topics…try to think beyond yourself

I’m sure Ben, Ken and the rest of the staff aren’t thinking of how to produce education to specifically suit just you or I.

We’ve all attended some classroom or other onsite Ed. that was repetitive or even downright sucked if we’ve been in biz for more than a few years

I’m done for now…

Again…there is a “free” course and there is a “fee” based course.

Both say that they teach about mold, are produced by the same people, and are available to the public.

If the “free” course is not of lesser value…why is it “free” and why does it not provide the same certification?