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I have a friend who is in the state legislature and, since I don’t like the CREIA/ASHI-sponsored legislation that’s currently in the legislature, I’d like to write her with our ideas of the best of the best.

What parts of the legislation in the various states do you like and not like? Be very specific.

I personally don't like the supervisor role. I don't think there is any way that I would take on someone purposefully to help get them their inspections and licenses knowing that they will then leave to become my competition.

If some corporation can hire Chelsea Clinton at $120,000 a year after school (and various other professions, e.g., doctor, dentist, etc.), I personally think required schooling would be the way to go.

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I think that education plays an important role in making good inspectors. The problem that I have found to be most prevelant is that the people that are teaching new inspectors are not teachers they are inspectors, just like you and I. I do believe there should be some standard by which we can say this guy is qualified to teach others to become inspectors.

Second. With the many associations that are available to every inspector I don't like the idea of legislation that is specific to any one association or organization. The requirements should be well rounded so any member of any association can meet the requirements. We all have pretty much the same standard, such as COE, SOP, continuing education...etc. There certainly has to be a way that all can meet those requirements without ruling out any members of other associations.

Third. I certainly don't like the idea of any group of inspectors belonging to the governing body which decides if you comply to those requirements. As we have seen in NJ they are making sure their own qualify while leaving others in the dust to fend for themselves.

Keep up the good work there in CA. Hope this helps.

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I think that life experience plays a crucial role, and should count toward educational and “experience” based legislation.

Its ridiculous to think that home inspections are some magical event that only certain folks can do well. It shouldnt be that only home inspection-based education and experience counts. This is just plain wrong.