The Boost tour hits Chicago

Nick and Nathan stopped in the windy city tonight and found a full room with plenty of eager Inspectors and their better halves wanting to learn how to increase business,obtain clients,provide services and grab a portion of the Home Inspection market.

The guys delivered ,as a stubborn person such as my self was able to garner much from the 4 hour talk Nick gave and the excellent presentation from Nathan.

Nicks focus was very much on showing us all the tools as members that we already have but most of us do not even know exist thanks to the thousands and thousands of links,pages,articles,logos,micro sites, benefits,etc that exist here making it seem like a city of success just waiting for the takers.
He also put up some of our websites to show what we are doing right and wrong.

Nathan made a strong case for using his services to increase business and did just that explaining the procedures involved and why they would help market us to Agents and client alike.

One can not just put up a website and expect huge success to come knocking our doors as we must be the ones doing the knocking.

Took the next 2 days off on purpose just so I can use what was learned , yes planned this in advance.

I also went to this event is Chicago. There were a lot of great new ideas for getting more business. Nick and Nathan did a terrific job.

Glad you you agree.
Are you in the picture Nate ?
I was the big mouth up front.:slight_smile:

Bob thanks for the input and review. I find your points of view ones that I respect and maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. Thanks for taking the time and giving us your opinion.

I was at the tour last night; Nick gave a lot of good marketing tips. Nick also review several websites and point how to improve them. I found this very helpful.

Hey Ed how come your site has the exact same text and graphics as mine all of a sudden ?

Saw you taking pictures of the big screen when it was up there come to think of it.:mad:

Very nice thing to say.
Do not agree in some areas but always respect success.