The Crack Team, they 'do' injections

Good ole Crackie team.
Couple+ years ago they had over 20 customer complaints within 3 or so years.:-k
In part says, every day we provide permanent and cost effective solutions…

…the Crack Teams pressure injection process of crack repair… designed to permanently waterproof cracks in poured concrete foundations. :-k

Really? Then what’s with the customer complaints…huh? If injecting poured wall cracks are sooo permanent why the complaints, problems?
One says, ‘I hired the crack team to fix a crack in my basement in early March… and after 6 visits they were unable to do so’… #-o

Had a couple local hosts of radio home improvement shows who highly recommended this outfit. Duh Milkman called them, tried to explain in full to the hosts what the REAL DEAL is with these inside co’s but, nah, they knew more than my dumb az on this subject. ](*,)Ok fine, have it your dumb az way. :mrgreen: