Injections to poured wall cracks

Since most in this stinkin azz business are interior system terds then when a homeowners calls 3–5 whatever companies they’ll most often get the same–bullshtt story. That bullshtt story is, the homeowner needs an interior basement system and sump pump and sometimes, on poured wall cracks, an injection.

This link is from one of the interior terds, first question and shttball answer from the company is on injections and it’s… bullshtt and incompetent and self–fkg-serving…

In part, they tell anyone reading this shtt… they have 2 options (both interior of course)… one they say is, a urethane injection, and go one to say that this/injection gives a COMPLETE seal through the entire crack, INSIDE TO OUT. looollll
They folly that up and then say that, ‘We have found over time that the urethane shrinks and the crack leaks again’

Well you dumb fks, you told and did work/injections for those homeowners, before you wised up a little, that your injections gave a complete seal through the entire crack, inside to out!@!@#@!!!

That was nonsense, incompetence… as has been said a million times here, fkg incompetent bullshtting of homeowners, self-serving errorneous claims!

The company then goes on and says, the 2nd option is flexispan and that Basement Systems flexi-ball-span is now, all of a sudden a breakthrough crack repair method.

First they said their first option gave a complete seal etc etc etc, turned out to be bulshttt.

Now the new 2nd option they claim will never leak, yeah…right, sure.

And g dammmmmmittt, NOTICE they don’t inform anyone reading this garbage that the BEST OPTION would be, exterior waterproofing!!#@%#^&$&##@!%@&^#@!@!@!!@ Fk AaaaaaAAAAA me!!! looooolllll

Another fkkkkkg thing, most of these lying shttballl companies are rated by the dumb azz BBB A+, because… the mfrs PAY the shttty business bureau for that fraudulent azz wipe rating! Kind of like how they paid ‘WBAY’ for that one-sided, self-serving, misrepresentative Q and A article, to bulllshttt people.
Here is duh BBB’s A+ rating for these misrepresentative chumps…

Here’s a previous INJECTION for ya (photo album) … I bet whoever did this injection said the same bulllshttt to the homeowner, won’t leak etc etc etc, fkkkg nonsense man
Click any shtttty photo to E N L A R G E that shtttty photo, open your eyeballs please…
NOOOOOOOOO—tice, photos 11, 12, 13… duh ummm, the injection material did NOT go, ummm, all THE WAY through!!! LOOOOLLLLLLLLL Lying, scamming chumps.
Throughout 35+ years we have yet to see ONE interior injection that went ALL the way through the foundation wall crack!

When we hear some realtors, some HI’s, some city inspectors etc actually tell and highly recommend interior system companies and their lying shttt and crappy azz injections etc to unknowing homeowners, we’d like to bury these cockroaches and use them as part of the backfill, uh huh.

I guess these “crack fillers” take a lot of your business because they are more affordable than you.
Most do guarantee their work for the life of the home.

Yeah lifetime warranties are great,as long as they still in business and in the state .lolol

Guarantee/warranty: I heard this good one the other day. " oh, we have 3 levels of service and repair. You chose the 2 level and that isn’t guaranteed. If you had chosen the 3rd level, which did cost more, we would guarantee the work. " That was priceless.

I heard he uses the best technology with a rubber sealant that’s guaranteed to last for years!
I think I’m gonna move north & get into this business.

liquid rubber sealant coating on roof leaks, gutters, skylights, hoses, windowsills, PVC pipes, flashings, duct work, foundations, basements, chimneys, downspouts, Vent pipes, A/C drip pans, RV’s and Campers, Trailers and so much more!

One of the points is, the deceptive, misleading advertising etc that comes outta these interior fkrs mouths. DUH BBB claims their paid accredited members (interior system buttheads as in the original link) require companies to abide by ethical business practices, such as ADVERTISING HONESTLY (pffffttttt!!!), and disclosing ALL material facts to customers.

Now that is a bunch of fkkggg bullshttt, lying jack off sobs, yes it is.

The BBB sucks big fat azz, period! Fat azz’z that have a zillion pimples or boils on 'em.

These weasel interior system companies continue to advertise and bulllshtt many homeowners, whether they are paid BBB members or not.

Say again, been in this business for 35+ years and we have yet to see ONE g dang injection that went-THROUGH a dumb azz wall/crack and, approx. 50% of all injections we have seen, RE—leaked.

Injections are hardly the fkgg best, longest lasting option, please people.

We listen to one homeowner after another who called us after they spent $$$ on whatever kind of interior bulshtt they had done, that was supposed to be the ‘end all’ of their leak or bowed wall or mold etc.

These interior horse-helmets use quite a few deceptive, misleading etc etc sales and advertising techniques and continually lie to many fkg people, yep. That’s the real truth, like it or not.

It’s sooooo simple to do this type of work.
SPRAY with the BEST rubber sealant on earth!
No extra fee to cover the zillion of butt pimples. :cool:


yes Marc, they friggin charge (most often, not always, depends on WHO a homeowner calls), $500-$700 for ONE poured wall crack injection.

And how much LABOR and materials is involved with that simple shtt?
Not much, as you know.

Also often hear how SUPPOSEDLY difficult (hard labor) it is to install these interior systems, pftttt! Bullshttt, just more bullshttt.
Then add the materials they need to install these systems, nowhere near what is needed for exterior waterproofing.
And the difference in labor, inside versus outside? loooooooooooool Not remotely close.

Yet just about all of these interior terds want/bid $8,000 to usually around $17,000 for their buslllhttt.and most of time it was NEVER needed meaning, the homeowner only leaked in one or two areas but got bullshtttt’d into a full perimeter system whch by the way, didn’t stop the water from where its’ first entering.
Link here is from a homeowner that was lied-to, scammed by an interior system company, they charged him somewhere around $18,000 I think. Long story short, they fkd up (as usual) but this homeowner didn’t lay down and shut up…

If exterior waterproofing was needed all the way around except, say, under a front porch… we could do/waterproof many basements all the way around for approx. 11,000-$13,000… all the way around is often NOT needed.
Just depends on several things such as, the exact footage all the way around and how deep it is to the footing and, if there is any concrete right-against the house that would need to be saw-cut approx. 18"… we don’t tell homeowners they need to remove and replace the ENTIRE driveway etc, that’s just more bulllshtt inside system companies use to scare people off exterior waterproofing.

So if one were to think of, take into account… how much labor and materials is involved with exterior waterproofing VERSUS, the interior system shttt, they’d friggin see how much cash these companies are pocketing off their azz

Say this again, the friggin TRUTH spanning 35+ years, we have NEVER seen/had one lousy leaky basement that was due-to, caused by a SUPPOSED blockage etc in the exterior drain tiles, not one!

These interior companies and other dingleberries (yes, particles of fecal matter) often LIE about that or are just incompetent about it

One MO time, we’ve never seen one stinky leaky, wet basement that was due to, caused by this bulshtt claim that, the exterior drain tiles are clogged or broken etc, nope.

Mr. Linas,

The crack HEAD fillers do, yes sir.
You, in Illi, have some of the same type lying scamming interior terds as the rest of us, maybe not quite as many as there are in Ohio and Michigan.

Here’s a short video of a previously installed interior basement system and sump pump that SUPPOSEDLY came with one of those warm 'n fuzzy LIFETIME guarantees… why are we there, why did the homeowner seek further help, why did they have to pay more $$$ <— over and over and g dang over again these interior BUTTHEADS don’t find/locate/identify the homeowners ACTUAL PROBLEMS and do not repair/waterproof them and INSTEAD, lie, misrepresent their problems and tell homeowners they need an interior system, just like in the video.

With all the money they cheat homeowners out of and all the advertising they do with some of that money to continue they shttball schemes, yep, it’s impossible to compete with all the lies etc.

Then add they have the better business bureau in bed and some home and city inspectors and have many realtors on their side and some in the media

There are thousands of these interior weasels scurrying about, all over the country, in Canada etc VERSUS, a few exterior contractors, like John McEwen in Canada… its a bit outta whack, thousands and all their lil shtt helpers versus a few of us.

loooll yes sir Jeff!

I’ve said this in the past, and I’ll say it again just to provide some balance to the thread. There are companies out there that do a fine job of crack injection. The system will work if performed properly and if conditions are suitable. Is it the only technology available to fix a foundation leak? No. Is it a suitable repair in all cases? No. Is it our job to select a specific repair or mitigation method for the client? No. You’re operating outside the boundary of your scope of work if you do. God forbid if you ever wrote a report that said install a sump and regrade, because you have signaled to your client (and his lawyer) that you’re a knowledgeable basement waterproofing expert who had a solution for them. Stay away from that.

In our jobs as inspectors, we should a) identify the material defect and b) provide a recommendation regarding the need for repair/replacement, or the need for further analysis by a specialist (which some of us do on site as PE’s). That’s it. If you get into recommending specific repair technologies, and exclude others, you’re opening yourself up to liability if that repair method goes sour.


glad you brought that POINT up sir as there are quite a few home inspectors (at least a few Nachi inspectors, yes sir) and some city inspectors, realtors etc that do indeed highly recommend CERTAIN interior butt-head companies to unknowing homeowners.

If you like, lool, I will find the thread where at least a couple HI’s–here clearly stated they recommend 1 or more interior system companies to homeowners and, get $$ for it.

And to add to your point on injections for POURED wall cracks, agree, some will last. One point though is what these weasel interior buttheads tell people which is, injections are a homeowners only option, shtt like that.
Some clarity from duh U S Army Corps of Engineers…scroll down to Applications and Limitations
In part THEY say, “Epoxy injection has been successfully used in the repair of cracks in buildings, bridges etc… HOWEVER, unless the crack is dormant (or the cause of the cracking is REMOVED, thereby making the crack dormant), it will probably RECUR, possibly somewhere else in the structure”

To follow the U S Army Corps words/facts, below are 2 links, 2 photos of what they/I mean, and that is, just a couple things/CAUSES of cracks that interior basement systems/injections do NOT REMOVE…
—tree stump caused cracks in wall etc

here an underground root that was right–against the basement wall, corner, right where the crack(s) is… right where water was entering…

Quite a few of these interior system companies say crap/lies such as, our injection STRENGTHENS your basement wall, they erroneously claim “Epoxy or urethane injections actually reinforces or welds the concrete making the wall STRONGER than BEFORE”
loooooollll LIARS, cheating, scamming chumps. All an injection may do is, stop water or insects etc from entering the crack for a period of time, it doesn’t ’ make a basement wall stronger than before’, come on, jesus k man.

again, there is NO interior basement system, no wall anchors, no carbon fiber straps etc that remove, reduce ANY exterior weight, aka pressure (causes of cracks) on–against the outside of a basement wall. They don’t remove any underground roots/stumps, concrete slabs that can settle right-against a wall and cause cracks/leaks, nor do they remove a porch footing that sometimes cause cracks etc, nor do they remove any lateral SOIL pressure against a basement wall which causes MANY basement wall cracks, poured, block etc

Say again, one of my points is that these nitwit interior bubbleheads deceive, lie, misrepresent homeowners actual problems, causes and subsequent solutions… just like here/photo below, B Dry told this homeowner all they needed was an interior system, a partial interior basement system at a cost of $5,000
It’s impossible to fix/repair, to stop further deterioration, to stop further water from entering by installing ANY interior basement system!!
And by the way, this company, B Dry is one who is recommended to homeowners by (ahem) a Nachi inspector, he still recommends them on his website as well… oh dear me

Here are the rest of that house/wall photos, BOWED IN wall with multiple exterior cracks etc… again, no interior system removes, reduces any exterior weight acting upon the wall, causing cracks etc as you see go ahead, click any photo to enlarge the photo
Oh, and this job cost the homeowner $3,100 ish, LESS than what B Dry quoted, hmmmmmmmmmmm