The CrawlBot in Action

Check it out…

Does it also carry a moisture meter for you?

Be ok till you get one of these , the example of use could have been easily crawled :wink: this was the good part of the crawl


That’s cool could be very handy in areas that are not accessible.

F-----That Unsafe. Or i’m just a scare de cat :}

If I cannot turn around i have issues.

I made my own for a fraction of that price.

The only issue is, and I suspect the crawlbot will have the same problem, is if an electrician left scraps of wire on the crawlspace floor, then the wire gets tangled in the wheels. And then you have to go fetch.

And it eats through batteries.

So I only use it sparingly.

I think tank track design would be better than 4x4 style wheels.

I am working on a sub $500 model (If you have a GoPro already).

That is awesome Ian:

I’ve got a rock crawler on order. I got my 2wd racer stuck halfway into the crawl and had to go get it…they just don’t work that well in the soft sand.

The trick is in the right crawler. Expected Tuesday for me. Will not have the super trick camera feature, but know it will go into more tight places. That is the point right? Only used when not accessible? That’s how I treat my other drone.

Yep… getting out of a jamb is the key. Mine is a 3 channel with 4-mode steering, 1/10 scale. I will just put a WiFi camera on it, but have been reading up on 5.8 ghz FPV systems with 3-axis gimble and goggles. Most of the crawls I see are really low clearance and not accessible unless by robot or camera pole.

Why not attach a thin line to it? In case it gets stuck, you can pull it back.

I guess that would be fine if you can avoid getting that line wrapped around the tires or even worse, the piers or other obstructions under the house. Just not worth it. The key is having a workable dirt drone.:wink:

Put the last (crawler end) 2 foot of line through a 2 foot-long, 1/4" plastic hard conduit so that it doesn’t wrap around the wheels.

Then you couldn’t back up…

Use flexible hose then. Something that will bend if you back up but that springs back and won’t wrap around the tires.

Or just use a long screen door spring. Attach the end of the line to one end of the spring, and then the other end of the spring to the crawler. Cover the spring with a sock (put the spring through the sock), that way it doesn’t snag on anything.

Have you ever rolled up a cord on a cluttered construction site? It gets caught every time. I think it’s Murphy’s Law.

Good suggestions, Nick. I’ll give some different retriever mods a try, but I don’t think a good crawler will get stuck like a standard RC racer will.

Nikolai designing one too.