360 Video Tour of a 65 Year Old Crawlspace, Enjoy

The future of crawlspace viewing is here, BIGCrawler 360. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IuKCtLE-MA)

Well, I think that having a automated crawler/robot is awesome and I will be doing this in the future but I have some thoughts and concerns about this particular video. The lower 3rd field of view is obstructed by the device itself. You didn’t direct the device to the outer edges closer to the foundation walls but this might have been just a demonstration and not the way you would actually conduct your inspection of the crawlspace and that’s totally okay if that’s the case. But, it would be nice if that was demonstrated in the video here. I have found that using my camera works best taking photo’s in the dark using the flash and that I have to turn my head away if I’m wearing a headlamp because if the headlamp is on and the flash is used for the camera then it won’t take a good photo, it’s washes it out. I didn’t hear any clicking of the camera but maybe you didn’t use that feature here in this video or it doesn’t make a sound anyway. Just sharing :):slight_smile:

Everything looked great! No defects observed! Nice job Big Crawler.

(Sorry Mr. Homebuyer, you just got screwed.)

Might be OK for Mars exploration. Now, it’s nothing more than a gadget.

BC 2.0 needs to be able to look up, probe decay, move insulation, take moisture readings, take still photos, descend into pits, crawl over pipes, remove furnace covers, traverse into other crawl areas such as porches and beneath additions, squeeze past ducts without damaging them, etc…

I hope you don’t really use that as your only method of crawlspace inspection.

The video is kind of neat. But IMO it does/would not take the place of a hands-on crawl inspection.

Some crawlspaces are inaccessible. This is better than totally disclaiming it.

You send that thing into an inaccessible crawlspace and you might never get it back. :shock:

I’m aware of that, I’ve inspected all types, good, bad and ugly.

Then that’s the type of crawlspace he should have made a video of. Not the one that was chosen. That crawlspace was easily accessible and to move around in.

For the purpose of making a video to demonstrate the capabilities of the 360, it’s more convenient and expediant to just use the crawlspace you have available.

The opening post says viewing not inspecting. Tired of explaining the BIGCrawler. This was the BIGCrawler 360, not BIGCrawler 2. Different setup, different camera, different use.

Never once stated it did. Not the intention or purpose.

I have plenty of those posted already, again not the purpose of this one.

Options and timing to do this are minimal, you take what you get when you test.

[QUOTE=I hope you don’t really use that as your only method of crawlspace inspection.[/QUOTE]

What a laughable comment.

Yes it would be interesting to see a video of a crawlspace with a 6" headroom height, debris strewn all around, wet soils, etc.

Good point!

Are you capable of performing a search on your own, they are posted.:wink:

So in other words you don’t have one with those conditions. If so post it here for all to view. At least one other has questioned the use of a high crawlspace that was completely accessible instead of one that is inaccessible except to possibly your toy! :wink:

Your reading comprehension needs much improving, I see you cannot follow comments from one thread to the next. They are posted for all to see, the issue here is you think the world is here and you matter, both are so far from the truth. Sorry, it appears you are incapable of a google search to enlighten yourself and others.

Spoken like a true Toy Salesman trying to defend an unnecessary product! If you have a video post a link to it so nobody has to search through your advertisements to find it. If you don’t have one that fits the criteria then feel free to continue attacks displaying that you don’t. :roll:

Seeing that you a true bobblehead, I see the connection between yourself and your toy statements. You also confirm here your lack of search skills. :roll: