The end of Porch Group

They own Nathan Thornberry’s RWS, America’s Call Center, Dominic’s Home Inspector Pro, Palm Tech, ISN, etc.

They’ve gone fro $25/share to a penny stock.


Pretty soon they will be traded over the counter.

You have to hand it to Nathan’s business acumen, if he were a Ferengi he’d live in a house constructed of Latinum. Wonder what stocks he’s buying today?


Looks like they have been a penny stock since April. There is a saying that goes, “if you want to become a millionaire trading penny stock, start with two million”

I hope the guys that sold to them didn’t get paid in stock options. :grimacing: :scream:


Ryan, that’s some funny stuff.
Thanks for the laugh


Still overvalued.


So the logical next question is, what happens to all the inspection related businesses (at least some of them) that Porch bought if they go bankrupt?

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Highly unlikely they go BK any time soon. They have a bunch of cash. If they stay below a buck a share for a while they will probably do a reverse split of the shares, ie; for every 10 you own, you would now own 1. That would have the effect of raising today’s share price to $9.50, which would keep them from being delisted and sold off by all the institutional owners. Not being delisted is a big deal for them because most “institutions” have bylaws that prevent them from holding delisted shares. If they were to be delisted, there would be a massive forced selloff, further killing the stock. 90% of their shares are institutionally owned.


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Umm, no thanks.

In my opinion, their goal is to eventually have about 75% control of the inspection industry. When that happens, we are no longer working for ourselves, but working for them. I won’t support that idea by buying shares. Plenty of other companies to invest in.

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Ended the quarter with approximately $276 Million in cash, restricted cash, and cash equivalents.

I wonder how much is actual cash in the bank and how much is “restricted cash, and cash equivalents”, which is really another word for mirage.

If we are on the verge of a recession and a RE market collapse, as some are predicting, and if people stop spending money on home modifications etc., I would think they may try to sell off some of there less equitable buisnesses to keep liquid to pay off loans.

On the other hand, most of us here have no idea how the contracts were written for the purchase of ISN, ACC, RWS, etc… did they take out large loans? Are they making monthly payments to the former owners of these companies? or maybe the owner of Porch is a Billionaire.?.

Personally I hope they do good, because if they do that’ll mean the RE market as a whole should be doing good.

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Their largest institutional investor pulled out yesterday.

I think it is important to consider that the businesses owned by Porch are product sources. In other words, they are in the business of harvesting and selling contact information, not providing services to home inspectors. There will always be a market for information about your client and the home he paid you to inspect.

Who was it?

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A rising tide lifts all boats… :grin:

Market Summary > Porch Group Inc

0.99 USD+0.040 (4.25%)today

Nov 10, 2:26 PM EST •

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Institutions selling and insiders buying. I was wondering what was propping up the price.