The Franchise Route. Can it be a good option?

Hi all, I want to start a home inspection business and am wondering if the franchise route may be the way to go. I’m aware of the costs of starting one, and how the main benefits would be help with marketing and business model. I’m determined, but have little background in business, marketing, real estate, or construction.

HomeTeam Inspection service has large portions available in my city that they say have from 165,000-195,000 owner occupied households. AmeriSpec and WIN both said they have territory in my city to start a franchise, but I’m concerned it’s not the best territory in town and will limit my potential. AmeriSpec said the territory they are offering has about 22,000 “real estate transactions” per year. National Property Inspections said they’re already saturated in my city (no territory available). The others I’m still in the process of reaching out to are Pillar to Post, HouseMaster, BrickKicker, and 1st Inspection Services.

Can any current or previous franchise owners give me their 2 cents? Is anyone familiar with any of these (or other) home inspector franchises? Particularly which ones are best or have the best reputation? Do you think it would be a good option for me given my limited experience, or would I be better off in the long run starting my own business?

What experience do you have. You’ve already listed the don’ts.

Hard work to learn anything new and no easy way out.

Some take orders and some give them.Only you know but send me a cut of what you make in the future with a up front small charge ] at my email and I will guide you by telling you exactly how to be like me .

Do it by Friday and make your request on a 6x9 white index card in blue ink and I will determine which is best immediately.

The franchises you named are all excellent (nothing wrong with going that route) with maybe the exception of Pillar to Post (which I get the most complaints about from franchise owners). The rest you mentioned are very good.

No index card yet .Maybe he is his own man.

You are a prime candidate for a franchise and you don’t even know it.

I have a psychology and research background, working in group homes and halfway homes. Also as a researcher/statistician for the past three years. I volunteered for Habitat for humanity. Have done some public speaking.

I went through the home buying experience 4 years ago. Looking back on the home inspection I paid for, I feel like that person could/should have done a much better job.

I have a local buddy in the real estate business. He’s the one that gave me the idea of starting a home inspection business and said to let him know if I have any questions, but he doesn’t know anything about franchises.

You better mean to create one buddy.
Will you be my first partner?
I will let you use my Guapo face as a logo to draw more business.

Where are you located Eric ?

start with the required training and see what you think after that.

just remember the non compete clause in your contract.that could hold you up going on your own for years



Denver? Come up and visit me at InterNACHI’s offices in Boulder. I’ll hook ya up big time.

You just hit the Mother Load…Lucky Bstrd.

I didn’t look heavily into franchises. I looked at a few though.

What struck me is for the cost of buying a franchise, one could buy a lot of marketing for that same money. But that’s just me.

I’m quite familiar with The HomeTeam Inspection Service since I had a franchise from October 2001 to October 2006.

I’m a big fan of franchises for getting started unless one is an expert in marketing, and even then, a franchise can get you going faster because their marketing has been proven effective, something you won’t be able to say if you try to do it on your own.

I don’t have time to go into detail here for two reasons: (1) There are a lot of trolls here at InterNACHI that I just don’t like to have in my life, and (2) I’ve said it all before on the Message Board here.

If you would like to call me tomorrow, I’d be happy to give you as much time as you’d like, answer any questions you have, discuss the pros and cons, etc. Email me at first.

Did you go with the Real Estate Agent recommended Inspector?

I did.

I knew before you answered. Now you know what you’re up against.