The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Approves InterNACHI's New, Free, Online Illinois Safe Practice & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Approves InterNACHI’s New, Free, Online Illinois Safe Practice & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course.

Take InterNACHI’s free, online Illinois Safe Practice & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course now.

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Does this class require a proctored exam?

Yes, any course you intend to take for IL CE must have its final exam proctored.

I emailed, in mid September, the DFPR about actual proctoring. In short the reply was since the current home inspector act does not have a requirement for actual con-ed hours on this subject itself, take a class and provide a certificate of completion to satisfy the State of Illinois requirement itself. If the DFPR requests verification, just supply them with a certificate of completion.
So if you do not need hours, and just need the class, take it here or wherever your choosing. I did, and already have renewed license.

How did you provide the certificate of completion to the IDFPR?

You do have a one hour sexual harassment class that does not require a proctored exam. I believe this one is four hours; correct?

I would be incredibly surprised if you could find a state-approved 1-hr CE course and dubious about its authenticity. InterNACHI initially submitted a 1-hr sexual harassment prevention course and was told that it was denied because all IL CE courses need to be a minimum of 3 credit hours for approval. InterNACHI then reworked the course to meet state requirements. We have only one sexual harassment course approved by the state and it’s the one in the original announcement.

I’ve reached out to the person who approved our course for clarification and received this in response. Hopefully it answers any questions you may have.

GO to this link. It will answer most of your questions. Also see the notes in red. If any of these home inspectors hold another license i.e. broker they are not required to take another sexual harassment prevention course.

The problem is that Home Inspectors is different than Real Estate. Home Inspectors can take a one hour course but it would be an extra course outside of the CE requirements. If they take an extra one hour then it does not need to be proctored. However, Home Inspectors are required to have a test for all courses. Classroom course do not need proctored. Sexual Harassment is not offered as Home-Study, even if it is a combined course. Yes, Home Inspectors that have a combined course i.e. Report Writing & Sexual Harassment 3 HR CE credit that is online must have it proctored. However, if they have taken all their Home Inspector CE and did not take a Sexual Harassment Course and need just that one hour. They do not need it proctored.

In a couple of years, the Home Inspector Act ( Laws) will sunset and the Act will be updated to be more inline with the Broker, Managing Broker license. However, until then Home Inspectors are required to have a min. number of course hours.

A home inspector who makes application to renew his or her Home Inspector License shall successfully complete the equivalent of 6 hours per year of approved continuing education pursuant to Subpart F, preceding the renewal; for example, a total of 12 hours of approved continuing education must be completed during each 2 year renewal cycle. A minimum of 6 hours of continuing education must be approved as mandatory courses, as defined by Subpart F. If a licensee has completed the 12 and still needs the 1 hour sexual harassment prevention training, no the course does not need to be proctored.

Section 1410.540 Continuing Education Course Requirements of Education Providers

a) A continuing education course shall be at least 3 hours in length and shall meet the course curriculum prescribed in Section 1410.550. The way the law is written all Home Inspectors course MUST be at least 3 hours in length. Home Inspector providers are not allowed to submit a one hour course.

Let me know if you have other questions. If you have an example, I will be happy to reach out to the school or licensee that is not clear. You can also forward this email.

b) Each education provider who seeks approval of a continuing education course shall submit to the Division an application, on forms provided by the Division, that is signed by the applicant and fully completed. The application shall include, but is not limited to, a course outline and description of the course, a minimum 25 question exam with answer key, the number of hours sought, and the appropriate fee required by Section 1410.400.

(Source: Amended at 34 Ill. Reg. 8063, effective June 3, 2010)

Thanks Kaela. I was assuming the Illinois Realtors course was an “add-on” course to cover the new sexual harassment requirement.

That course is for real estate agents, right? Totally different industry. InterNACHI’s course is approved for home inspector CE.

Apparently you missed this post that was prior to mine.

The one hour Sexual Harassment Class offered by NACHI is approved as a sexual harassment class for renewals in Illinois.

I was at the READ Board meeting today and asked for clarification about the sexual harassment classes.
You can choose a stand alone 1 hour class that is provided by a licensed education provider in any department that falls under the IDFPR. It does not have to be a licensed class. It will not count towards your 12 hours of required CE. Or, you can take a licensed class that would have to be a combined with another education component to get to at least three hours. This class would count towards your 12 hours of required CE. The second option would have to be presented by a home inspection education provider.

If this does not make sense, please ask more questions here.

Whoever sent you the above comment made one mistake. Live classes do have to have a test. What they (I assume Diane Green) said is for real estate brokers and managing brokers. We are negotiating with the IDFPR now to have us included in this reduction of proctoring tests. I am sure it will change.


While I would have loved to have the 1-hour course version approved beyond measure, it is not approved and therefore cannot be offered presently. That was made very, very clear to us by our state contact. The 4-credit hour course announced on the first thread post IS approved. Perhaps if the rules change we can re-offer the 1-credit hour course in addition to the 4-credit hour in the future to provide additional flexibility to inspectors.

Thank you for the update. If you hear more, please do let us know.

I was able to reach out to the Chief of Education for the IDFPR. What you were informed of personally was incorrect. The pdf that you posted explains it as best as it can. Here is the short version.

Basically there are two options

  • First, take an unlicensed Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course from an IDFPR approved Education Provider (School) – the requirement is met but no CE is earned. This would include your one hour class on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Second, take a licensed Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course from a Division of Real Estate approved Education Provider – meet the requirement and earn CE hours
    • As noted, the minimum hours for a CE courses in the Home Inspector profession is 3 hours so the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is combined with other topics to fill the three hour requirement – you may find examples of those online.
      • There are approximately seven courses licensed at this time that fall into this category -
      • As licensed CE courses they will be required to have an exam and since the SHPT must be live or interactive, they will not require a proctored exam.