Illinois Sexual Harassment CEs

Hi since Internachi’s course has not been approved yet. Where are you Illinois inspectors going for this course ?

ASHI possibly

Thanks I will look into it

I emailed IDFPR Real Estate division regarding the courses and what WE as inspectors need. Here is their response:
"Thank you for contacting the Division of Real Estate. There are a few approved home inspection courses that include one hour of sexual harassment prevention training (SHPT) mixed in with another course. You will not find a one-hour course only because the Home Inspector Act does not allow for one-hour courses at this time. You can take an SHPT through any provider, licensed or not, as long as you are provided a certificate for the course that can be submitted as proof of SHPT completion if requested by the Division. Only licensed home inspection courses, however, will also give CE credit towards your total CE requirements.”

I then asked that if we already have all con-ed hours needed for re-licensure, do we only need to show proof of a class taken. This was their response:

“You are correct. You won’t necessarily need to show proof, just have the certificate in your possession in case proof is requested.”

I am going to see if NACHI will still let us take the online course.

It’ll be approved. IDPFR is taking their time reviewing it. I expect approval of the free, online course in a couple of weeks max. But the government is usually as slow as pouring molasses in winter.

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Plus they say they are short staffed “due to covid”.

Mine pours just fine, Ben, but I have heat in my house in the winter. :rofl: :joy: