Illinois IDFPR Renews InterNACHI Providership for Free Online Courses

Illinois Department of of Financial and Professional Regulation IDFPR renews InterNACHI has a course provider for home inspector Continuing Education both Mandatory and Elective course, with over 150 hours to choose from.

Visit to get free online CE training.

28 courses to choose from totaling over 150 hours to choose from!

Scroll down on this page:

This is all good. But the exams are required to be proctered before they can be submitted to the IDFR.

Yep. That’s the way we’ve been doing it for many years. Take the courses of your choice from home at your own pace. Take the final exam a few times to assure yourself that you’ll pass in front of the proctor. It’s a good system.

Previously the final exam was only setup to be taken in front of a few “INachi approved” proctors, which cost additional money, as much as $75 per 3 hour CE exam. Illinois requires 12 CE’s per lic. renewal.

Has anything changed? Such as being able to take the exam(s) for free at a local library?

No charge at NACHI Chicago meetings.
Just did a 6 credit Exterior CE exam last month.

Sorry you are still stuck Chris but living down there makes it more difficult obviously.
Any Chapter can apply so why not start one and get licensed or something.

Quality education obviously is the best alternative as they have nice courses .

That’s cool Bob. Glad you were able do that. I wonder why INachi can’t set-up proctoring via on a computer, in front of a proctor, like Quality Education does? It’s not rocket science.

Are you sure you can’t ?

Give Jeff Merritt a call and ask him.

I’ll do that. Thanks!

Joan Cunningham from IDPFR already reviewed and denied our proposal for online proctoring. So, we have many other option, most of which are completely free.

Please visit and watch the 1-minute video on how to get free CE credits.

Come back at let us know Chris .
Can you have the local library proctor ?

Yes. We receive proctoring results from librarians regularly.

That’s great Ben. We have free proctoring at our local library. I’ve taken proctored exams there before, for IL CE credits.

I’m confused by your statement though. You say “Joan has Denied your proposal for online proctoring”. But I can have online proctoring for INachi exams done at the library?

Do we email the exam results to you? Or does the librarian have to do it?

IL requires the examinee to be physically present with the proctor. Online proctoring is not permitted.

You must show up in front of a proctor and take an online exam in front of that proctor.

Please visit for instructions.

Gotcha. I know how it works, I’ve taken several online exams that were in front of a proctor.

Great News.
The suffering is over.

Finally!! Good to hear!