The Importance of an Electrical Inspection

A complete and in depth investigation is key. Even if everything looks ok at first glance, probe, ask questions and always listen to your gut. Chances are, if something does not feel right, something is indeed very wrong.

In the following example everything would appear ok at first glance. No one would know. Taking off the cover you would see wire connectors, no double taps, one neutral and ground per hole, 20 amp breaker on appropriate #12. All good so far, but probing further like opening the panel in the closet or asking “why am I seeing new wire in a 30+ year old building?” will save a life.

This is the PERFECT reason why a home inspection is essential. My apologies for the length, but an excellent educational example of improper and dangerous electrical IMO:


 I would never probe inside of any electrical panel. I see what you are saying. I agree that (visually) examining the service panel with the dead front off, is essential in performing an electrical inspection.

 You made a good post but I cannot think of any home inspector, regardless of the organization, who doesn't perform an electrical inspection, the way that you have described above. 

Keep the posts coming Martin, it’s a great way for inspectors both New and old to learn. I enjoyed reading your post and welcome to InterNACHI.

Stay safe man.

Thanks! I appreciate it :smiley:

I agree, we all perform electrical inspections, but it just shows you how life saving they can be. Especially considering what is in the wall, his service conductors is not in any conduit and obviously one of those cables is damaged considering he had to turn the red into a neutral. The rest is just as bad. Unbelievable what some leave behind for future home owners.