Ohio Home inspectors SHALL inspect the interior of----

Just in case anyone missed it. :wink:

1301$17-1-17-Rule-N.xml (ohio.gov)

(T) A licensee shall inspect a property’s readily accessible components of the electrical
system during a home inspection and report in the home inspection report the
licensee’s findings related to all of the following:
(1) Service drop;
(2) Service entrance conductors, cables and raceways;
(3) Service equipment and main disconnects;
(4) Service grounding;
(5) Interior parts or components of a service panels and subpanels;


Mr parks does not like your post.

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I hope Mr. Parks sees this thread and chimes in so we can have another interesting discussion the topic. :innocent:

I believe Mr. Parks has been banned from the forum. Thank God!

I didn’t know that.

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Mr. Parks sent me this message through my website, I thought I would share it here for the purpose of entertainment. Enjoy, but try to be nice, the poor guy is obviously dealing with — “issues”, :wink: :innocent:

You are ignorant. It dies not say to inspect the interior of a panel. But go ahead and do as you please. No skin off my nose. You are not competent to inspect an electrical panel nor are any of you Ashi or interN friends. Guess you didn’t read the results of my antitrust complaint. I like stopping and reading your posts. Thanks for the intertainment


He sent it to me and it had gone to my spam folder and when I could it a week or so later, (He asked me to post it on our forum.) I saw it had a document to click on which I was no going to do.

Professional failure.
He even ran for a city council seat once & was soundly defeated.
The city is on to his madness & reputation.

Please dont bring Him back Kevin…

I wouldn’t think of it.

Saw this today on a commercial inspection, a panel installed in a panel.

It just never ends. :man_facepalming:

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