The MAR Opposes This Legislation

Want to save lives and reduce accidents?

Support a law that requires the use of hand-free devices to speak on a cell phone while you drive.

This bill is being objected to by the Missouri Association of Realtors.

James… Do you have any information as to why the MAR is opposing this legislation? Personally, I think the fines should be higher. $20 to $50 is hardly a deterrant.

In the words of their lobbyist:

HI licensing has desceptively moved to the bottom of the MAR’s list of legislative priorities…but there is gold in this statement.

*"(We feel) **a method should be adopted to allow the public to raise complaints with a state licensing agency if they feel that the inspection was not conducted to a proper standard."

*The State of Missouri already has a means for the public to raise complaints with the State Attorney General if they feel an inspection was not conducted to a proper standard.

In a total of five years, 13 people have taken that route or contacted the BBB. That is several hundred less than the number who complained about their real estate salesman to the AG, and even less than the number who called the AG and complained about their florist.

But there is one member of the public without a place to go to…at state level…to complain about a home inspection. That member of the public is the real estate salesman who lost a sale.

It is obvious to see who this legislation the MAR is wanting to see is designed to serve and we, in Missouri, must continue to feed these truths to the public and to the state congress by every means available to us.

Thank-you James. interesting reading

Brian Jones