Missouri Radon Certification Program

Here it comes

more regulations and expenses alll to protect the consumer


Government keeps moving in on everything. I love where if you own the building, doing a state test, or designing a system that you are exempt. I guess they are the ones who have the money to push all of us others out if business. Amazing. There is no way that this one person, Sue, wrote this bill. Who is behind it?

Funny as broke as missouri is they sure are passing alot of laws they will have to spend money on to enforce.

Eric…Please note the difference between “writing a bill” and “passing a law”. With its late introduction, this bill is more than likely a warning shot for next year.

We need to carefully choose our battles. The House Bills that threaten rural Missourians with statewide building “standards” in order to license home inspectors (there are two such bills pending in the House, as we speak) need to be killed, first, for one of them is ready for a symbolic public hearing and subsequent approval by committee. From there it goes to the floor for a vote. There is enough time in this session, conceivably, for the bill to run the entire route. IMO, this is where we should focus our efforts.