The NACHI lawyers are at it again

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As the founder of NACHI, Nick Gromicko is one of the home inspection industry’s most renowned individuals. For this reason, we have long recommended to our clients to include Nick’s name in their web site keywords and content to improve their search engine rankings for the term “home inspection”. Apparently this practice is also being exploited by non-NACHI inspectors, as a way to boost their search engine relevance, via both metatags and pay-per-clicks.

To stop this exploitation, NACHI's attorneys have registered the word Gromicko as a Federal Trademark, making it illegal for anyone to use Gromicko on their web sites without NACHI's permission. I spoke with Nick about this today, and have obtained his permission for all of my clients to continue to utilize this keyword where appropriate.

Furthermore, Nick has granted blanket permission to all NACHI members to utilize the trademarked term on their web sites and print materials without restriction. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact NACHI headquarters at


Roberta Dulay
Yalia Technology Design