Could be my last post.

I found some of the dreaded black mold today. Oh my god I think I am going to die. I ran my finger along it and then tasted it, at first it did not taste toxic but just now after the ball game and a large hot dog, 2 beers, and then later 4 margaritas, I just do not feel right. Please keep me in your thoughts.

I guess there is no further reason to wonder how you and your bike fall down, go boom…:mrgreen: Must have been the mold.

No Stephen, it was the margaritas. :twisted:

2 beers, and then later 4 margaritas, now a couple shots of JD and you’ll be just fine. :slight_smile: Is that galvanized pipe from the TPR?

I make homemade cheese with it, next time you run across some let me know, I’ll take it off the occupants hands for them.



Not too fond of Bourbon Chris could be the Irish German dna, and yes galvi pipe.

Ya think we ought to clue him in about the hairy lemons he’s using for the margaritas? :roll::shock::twisted::shock::roll:

Beer seems to be the antidote Barry.:wink:

When I was younger walking home from school the oldest, brownest oranges on the ground were the best, they had the sweetest juice. :cool:

Later I got in big trouble for shooting the lemons with my bb gun, after my dad put one of the target lemons into the garbage disposal. :twisted:

Don’t blame it on the mold, it was the Hot Dogs!

I work in mould (mold) remediation. After a long day I sit in the hot tub with a scotch & cigar. Try it! You’ll be fine in the morning.

Dr. Doug
Master of Disaster

Jack Daniels is not bourbon. It is pure Tennessee sour mash whiskey!!!

Bourbon is for Kentuckians…

Fine Jae, they pour the bourbon through charcol filters. It is still corn based whiskey to me. :smiley:

Probably just a bad, large, weenie…:shock:

I new that :wink: Is it connected to the tprv? Was it discharging below the floor, which helped cause the mold? Or is that the water line? JD is for sipping. :slight_smile: The Bourbon you can pour on your wounds.


Is this another one of your threads that has no end?? :smiley: :smiley:

Last one to reply wins…
:slight_smile: too funny

Hey, BK, before you depart from this World, could you make sure your Last Will and Testament is updated to provide an Award to The Last one to Reply Wins??

I am really saddened to here about your misfortune.

If I can help in the short time you have, please feel free to notify me.

My sympathy’s in advance. Flowers will follow.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:


I nominate Brian for a ‘posthumous’ award for the “most popular, meaningless thread started” award.

Condolences and Congratulations, Brian !!!


This thread I have found to be refreshing and relaxing after a days work by using the humorous antics as shown.
We have managed to withhold from disagreements altogether and one happy family that don’t really make any sense or accomplish anything constructive.

Hell, I have been working my butt off every morning to make the donuts and sometimes breakfast just for the enjoyment of seeing everyone get up a couple of hours later and start the day fresh and in good spirit.

My office is moving out tomorrow, so I guess the wake up call will have to be at 4:00 EST. Off the Air during the Day.

Thanks for the humor Jeff.

Til’ morning, right?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: :mrgreen:


I just left WalMart. It seems they have those lemons now just to be sure about the Salmonella thing. They are kinda pricey tho.

I wonder how they taste…