The place was alive with mold and now I'm sick.

Wow, am I seeing that right?
99% Humidity? Time for the bulldozer!

Hope all well buddy. what’s up Roy?

Thank !
Doing good now !

Glad to here Roy! I have seen clients sensitive to Mold and get nose bleeds. It is common for some to never pull out and be messed up for life.


Good good news.

Not necessarily the spore counts, but the spore types inside of the home. Aspergillius is commonly found when testing but it’s also a basic type with not too many harmful effects unless exposed to it for extended periods. Stachybotrys on the other hand could be what’s getting you, it’s a sticky spore that develops if the problem is extensive and it most likely was in that home for sure.

But the important part is definitely PPE!