The re-birth of Florida NACHI

Hi to all,

Just a quick update on this evenings festivities in Orlando.

We had over 50 NACHI members at this event tonight and discussed getting the FL state chapter of NACHI out of the doldrums.

The topics discussed tonight were mostly based around what we need to do to help our members become compliant with the licensing which comes into effect in 2010, more info on our plans later.

Those assembled were happy to see NACHI taking an active role in the enactment of the bill and were unanimous in supporting the goals of FLNACHI.

In Brief:

Forming FLNACHI as its own non-profit (with Nicks encouragement)
Setting up regional chapters within the state
Offering more educational events around the state
Getting a legislative position together
Planning a strategy to liaise with the state
Forming a board of directors

On the last note, the initial board (serving until 2008 elections)

Greg Bell: President
Zoe Flackler: Vice present
Mike Zwerin: Sec/Tres
Gerry Beaumont: Education
Jay Schwartz: Legislation
Plus all 6 regional chapter presidents

We will shortly be electronically polling the full membership to see what else we can be doing to help them meet their needs

Lots more to talk about, but it’s way past my bedtime and I have a plane to catch tomorrow, here’s some pics

Thanks to all who attended



IMG_0003 (Small).jpg

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It is a very exciting time for Florida NACHI inspectors. I want to thank everyone who attended.

The meeting ended around 10pm and Gerry drove back home (2 1/2 hrs) and still posted. Your amazing.

Thanks to Greg for putting the venue together. I look forward to sharing the info with all who are interested.