Florida's new NACHI state chapter President.


Hi to all,

Congratulations to Harvey, he has done a great job with the South East FL chapter, it will be good to see those programs go state wide through all the other (9 at last count) chapters.

I look forward to working with Harvey and the chapter presidents on educational issues to benefit all Florida members.



Meeting Harvey in person, and interacting with him for several days in the Swamp State was a genuine pleasure; he is a true gentleman, and his dedication to the organization and inspectors is very obvious.

Congrats, Harvey!


I assume that all our questions will be answered in good time as to membership in the state chapter or will the chapter have no members?

Can we be a member of the state and not a member of a local chapter?

Can we be members of more that one chapter

How will we be able to change chapter membership or will it be by area?

Will there be regular state chapter meetings and where will they be??

What duties and responsibilities are associated with this office?

Is there a budget for travel, cell phones etc.

Will this be under written by national? (I would think since it is our state it should be under written by our state)

Will the state chapter have any control over local chapters?

Will HG remain president of his local chapter or will he be required to step down? (Dual membership sort of gives his chapter a lead in team building)

And the list goes on

As a member of NACHI of Florida with a large vested interest in this state and the very different ideas about Florida HI legislation that many members have voiced, I would like to know where HG stands on some of these key issues and if as an association will the voice of the members be heard by vote or appointment? (Trust me if it is by appointment our legislators will be informed asap)

Will we see the subject of NACHI State proctored exams come to the table again or is this issue behind us? (when was it an issue?? and how was it resolved?)

While HG and some other NACHI members are not always on the same page, (be it NACHI, religion or politics etc) I for one wish him the best and will pledge my support to his success.

Remember the sunshine laws of Florida

My personal hope is that the day will come where we will see all chapter presidents elected and state presidents elected by all members in the state. Perhaps we will even live to the day to see state conventions and an expense account for officers as well as officers liability insurance and bonding for treasures.

It is time to run with the big dogs - and Florida will lead the way

Boy I sure did not want to sign this one – I can hear the phone ring off the hook for the next week

Real simple - I am sure these questions have been thought out and answered before HG was approached for this position. I know that if it were me I would not have accepted it unless I had a clear mandate with not only the responsibility but also the authority

Good luck HG – Hope you have the time to take away from your HI business and personal life to do us justice. From someone who has been there I know that doing a good job is a lot different than just having a title.


Congrats Harvey!!

Lets get started.

Now’s the time to set the example for the rest of NACHI’dom.
Florida can lead the way into the future or follow, Harvey, it looks like it’s up to you!

Congratulations & Full Steam Ahead!

You go Harvey. Let’s get started.

Congrats Harvey. Can’t wait to get started.




Based on AOC (Area Of Concern)

Yes! We will produce multiple 2 Day Educational Events that will travel the state.

Hmmm…MANY! I will wait for the new Florida State Team (FST) and further the Florida State Chapter BOD and BOA to be in place before further comment.

Hope so!

I would expect both in the beginning.

Yes…some, of course. But “control” is an ugly word here at NACHI…more like assisting. We seek to assist them with stuff like; venues, mailings, advertising materials, rosters, elections, etc.

I, along with the Founding FST, BOD, and BOA, will obviously have a longer term than those in the future, as it will take some time to get the foundation fully laid for future FST, BOD, and BOA members.

I hope to have a voting system for the Florida Members in place soon…but as in any office, we will never satisfy everyone every time on all issues…but that is just the way the cookie crumbles. My personal positions will NOT affect my position, and that is to represent the Florida Members.

This was discussed at my appointment as it relates strictly to Florida. I believe that you will see his implemented statewide very soon.

I look forward to working with you…thank you!

Guess what…it’s here!!

I agree…but with any new thing will come some growing pains…I look forward to what the “Florida TEAM” will do…after all, it will be them that will carry most the wait…I maintain the course. My job is the easiest.

Thanks “rlb”…again, I look forward to working with you and many others.

Thank you Jay…you ahve been a driving force here in Florida…one that our local membership, as well as the NAtional membership, shoul be and can be proud of!

I look forward to your possible role in the State Chapter!

Thank you Gary…looking forward to what ever comes!

Mike, you and your wife have been such a blessing to us here in SE Florida…I could not imagine taking this jopurney without you.

Thak you so much!

Gerry…glad you think that way…I hope to add you to the Team…you in?

Thank you for the public reply – It is almost as good as some of the phone calls I have been getting.
One of the questions that I have been ask that I would like to post is—
Is your or the state chapter incorporated? If not are there plans to do so? Without going into all the reasons, I would think that this should be on the top of your list.
Looking forward to seeing who you name for our team. Now I have to find a chapter that I want to join that still has members that are NACHI members. – You might want to get on some of your chapter’s founding members to update their NACHI membership. Maybe it is a problem with the home office. Some seem to have expired
Have a good day
And thanks for the public reply
*rlb *

No a prob! By the way…if you are getting calls, have them place their comments on the board…after all, that is how you are getting your answers…they can get theirs as well.

Our Chapter was NOT…but is now in the process, as well as the State Chapter will be also.

Working on the new site and it will have the UPDATED info on Members…both founding and active…and some inactive as well.

You need to ask? :mrgreen:



I will post all positions after each prospective team member has been contacted and had an opportunity to reply with their response…hopefully as easy as you!

:stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations, I’m sure the chapter meeting will great. I’m looking forward to them


A question from a caller

Will the EDUCATIONAL events put on by the state chapter be $$ makers or will they be priced just to cover direct expenses and if a profit will it be shared with the local chapter?

With the move for on-line education and the desire to get away from vendor “info” commercials do we see an end to the two day events and the $200 bar tabs plus travel - plus hotel expenses??

Just trying to take a lesson from our good friends in Ill.

— You said to post what I am hearing public —



Thank you for your desire to assist in relaying information to members, however I believe that some of the questions, while extremely good ones, will be answered in good time AFTER we assemble the whole team

Also, is there any reason why these “callers” cannot post questions? I am ALWAYS cautious of peoples intentions who cannot sign their names to a question. I have always believed that a question from anonymous, while intriquing, brings to question the persons real motives.

I am not trying to put a spin on what your intentions are, but pease have future “callers” simply email me directly at President@FloridaNACHI.org or post their questions here.

Now to your questions from “caller”:

Let me see…when we do a typical 2 Day Educational Event, it has 4 to 5 courses that the HI will take…here is a recent look at some emails I recived today by leading “HI schools” stated the following for prices:

  • Spoting Roof Defects $75.00
  • Electrical Inspections $80.00
  • Structural Inspections $49.00
  • Manufactured Home Inspections $199.00
  • Fireplaces $249.00
  • Cert Res Mold Inspector $495.00
    ----------------------TOTAL $1,147.00 + Hotel and Travel Expenses
    Our 2 Day Events--------$99 to $149.00 + Hotel and Travel Expenses
    SAVINGS TO US---------$998 to 1,048 per event!!!

The ONLY reason we can do this is because our sponsors pick up the tab for 50 to 75% of the events…AND we dont have paid staff.

FloridaNACHI, just as NACHI National, are not-for-profit organizations, so this question I believe is self explanitory.

These events bring more than simply classroom time…it is an opportunity to do what you can’t with online education…ask the instructor questions! And ask Gerry, most of the “learning” comes from one-on-one questions!

I am not saying that we will never have some online education…but I do not see getting away from the One-To-One classroom events.

As far as *“vendor “info” commercials”, *we are trying to have all that resolved by only using non-vendor teachers like Gerry and others…but again remember the drawbacks…the cost factor at the door. So as you can see, a no win deal.

I did…and I meant you ask your questions and lets let the “callers” stand up and ask theirs :slight_smile:

Take care!