Florida NACHI Appoints First Executive Director of Education

I know of no better candidate, that has the devotion to education and membership, than Gerry Beaumont. And it is for this reason, after much discussion with Gerry, that I am pleased to announce that Mr. Beaumont has accepted the position of Executive Director of Education for FloridaNACHI.

Building a strong NACHI State Chapter will not be easy and by all means will take time. Each individual that is selected to be a part of the Florida State NACHI Chapter MUST have integrity and honor, as well as dedication to membership as their code and be clearly displayed in their actions.

Over the next 2 weeks, I will be contacting various Florida Chapter leaders, as well as many others, to solicit their support and assistance as I embark on creating an infrastructure that is centered on assisting Florida NACHI members through Member to Member Cooperation, Support, Education, Focused Marketing, and Legislative Guidance.

Until then, please join with me in celebrating and welcoming Florida NACHI’s FIRST Executive Director of Education, Mr. Gerry Beaumont!

Only the best for Florida!


You are outdoing even yourself.


Wow. This is great. Congrats.

Congratulations Gerry, How the hell do find the time to all this? By the way Harvey if you ever need any help with anything in the Central Florida are you only have to ask.

Congrads Gerry. Sounds like you’re having a good time in Florida.

Erol Kartal


Now you can get your own team of Gerryetts to go with the Hooperetts over at ID.

You know that your name was put in the hat for something big at national don’t you? You could be waring many hats before the year is out.



Hi to all,

Many thanks to Harvey and the Florida members for all of the support since I moved down here, the reception has been tremendous.

I don’t see much in the way of change to be honest, I normally teach at any chapter event that I can get to and normally do at least one local event per month.

FloridaNACHI education will I hope be a cooperative process, I know of several other members noteably Greg Bell who also wish to help with chapter training, they will all recieve whatever hekp and support that I can give.