The ultimate in leak protection

Just seal ALL of the seams on your tab shingle roof.
roof1.JPG roof2.JPG roof3.JPG


You’ve got to be kidding.

They actually spent days on that roof and accomplished nothing.

ROTFLMAO x 2 :roll:

This was the roof of the house next door to the one I was inspecting. I was standing on the roof and happened to glance over to see this. I almost lost my footing because I couldn’t believe what I saw. The client and agent got a chuckle out of it as well.

This goes to the theory that “if some caulk is good, more is better!”

Nice now the airplane/helicopter pilots will think somebody has bricks for roofing!!! Then it will be all over the news!

In pic 3 it looks like there might be a ridge vent that was also sealed. Or is it just my imagination?

Just a plain ol’ ridge, no vent.

Tes We all Know tha it is wrong and stupid But Would it work . I know onlw short term for the shingles need to expand and contractbut if I was on my %th year and the second layer…would it buy me a few more years??

Imagination is a wonderfull thing. :shock::cool:

I seriously doubt it.

Sealing the shingles like that is just nuts ( at least to me).

I found an asphalt shingle roof not too long ago that had been completely sealed with elastomeric “cool coat” the stuff they use on flat roofs here in the SW, and it was the second layer. I told them it was probably FUBAR and to get a roofer to evaluate and recommend repairs. Three roofing contractors recomended a new roof.

However, there is a thread somewere on this board ware there is talk about some “new” type of coating that does not react with the petroleum products in asphalt shingles, but all the roofers I talked to said it was a pipe dream and the stuff was garbage.

No.Because the bottom edges have also been “sealed” which effectively creates a dam.If water does get in there is no place for it to get out.

Just like when they tape the bottom edges of tyvek housewrap!

elastomeric “cool coat” Is adifferent animal ment to go on a flat sealed roof and movement or expansion wouls be limited. Caulging (even though WE ALL know that it is Wrong) would expand and contract with the shingles to a degreehelp to seal and keep them down flat thus not wear out quickly. Stupid yes but…

This person must be a tad anal. I wonder if they sealed all the weep holes in the brick. Don’t laugh. I had an inspection where the seller had done just that. Screwed all the windows shut too cause they were afraid of burglurs.

Did you have to bring up brick?

I see both of these issues on a weekly basis. I look at it this way, if these people didn’t do these things, we would all be out of job.:slight_smile:

having done alot of roofing in the past all I can say is what I said when I came across this exact thing years ago, “WTF, this tear off is gonna suck”

just fell out of my chair LOL