The worst may be over for home sales.

Over? That would be good, considering that in Northern Illinois, (Chicago area)…,1,3409864.story

You know, Alan Greenspan especially, tries to control the market by what he says. He hopes people will make his predictions happen.

I don’t think we are out of the woods yet, and quite frankly, I want to get my house at the lowest point of this thing and then it can head back up.

I’m just at the edge of being able to purchase a home logically and don’t want to miss out on that just yet. I just my income to stabilize more and my score to go up a bit more. After I get my house, the market can go crazy high again. I could use the equity. :slight_smile:


Greenspan is no longer at the helm. It’s now Bernake.:slight_smile:

Alen Greespan has been gone for almost a year now. Different guy.

See the post ahead of yours Will;-)

As usual, a little late.

Well the article mentioned Greenspan in some respect as having SOMETHING to do with the process. It may not be the previous post, but it seems he still has his fingers in the pot.

Anyone who doesn’t think his input carries alot of weight still is naive.

I’m ignant guys. :wink:

Bernanke is a clone of Greenspan!

correct about clone.

That’s probably why he was chosen.
Greenspan is considerd by many to have had an successful term at the Federal Reserve and I suspect the decision was made to not “rock the boat” so to speak. But though respected he now speaks as a private citizen and does not carry the weight of the actual board chairman. IMHO