There's something wrong here. . .

but I can’t quite put my finger on it. :wink:



Color blind plumber maybe? :mrgreen:



Dang, ran out of red… oh well, nobody will see it buried in the attic insulation anyway :roll:

If it were only that simple.

Hot and cold were reversed at the tub faucet, and the toilet was plumbed with hot water. . .

Jeff i think your wrong, that is the new steam wipe , keeps the pimples down on your butt. I wish you would keep up with the new stuff!

That hurts just thinking about it. . .

How did you determine the toilet was plumbed with hot water? Did you flush it 30 times to push out the ambient temp water and stick your hand in it?

I disclaim checking water supply temperatures on toilets.

that might be nice in Ohio in the winter…:smiley:

I guess Jeff could have taken some IR images.

I don’t normally check toilet temps either, but after I saw this in the attic, I was looking for the issue.

I didn’t think to take an IR image :roll:

LOL I’ve seen that done with copper, but that’s a whole new level of incompetence to manage to do it with PEX. Check the hose bibs too :shock:

Haven’t you seen any mixing valves in your area yet? I starting seeing them a couple of years ago. Mix the cold/hot water to the water closet to reduce condensation. Actually works really well.

Funny, I ran across that…on a new build inspection…water heater was backwards with that…cant find the pic right now but it was funny

To quote Russel Spriggs, “My dog likes cold water.”

Nuff said!

Good find Jeff!

Must be a little different in California.
We would never have water lines exposed in unconditioned areas. I guess your are in a area that is not subject to freezing temps?

Have a great day

Attic located piping is the “norm” out here.

I have an older brother who lives in SCal and I have not been to his home. I am hoping to take a trip from Xmas to NYears.

My brother has a solar system that he paid about 12-14K. He has had for 4 years and saves about 2500 per year. Another few years he will have it paid off.

He also has a cement tile roof. The vegetation he described sounded interesting.

I am intrigued by the different components that is in the SCal area.

Jeff you anywhere around Lego Land? My kid, wife and I want to go there.

Maybe I can hook up with you and buy you lunch or a beverage of your choice.

I also would like to take Dom and his wife out for lunch.

I hope to see you around Xmas if your home and we go. Brother offers place to stay and I have not taken a real vacation in about 4 years.

I’m 140 miles North of Legoland, Dom is about 100 miles North.

Call me when you’re in town. I’m sure we can work it out.