Thermal Image Scans included?

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My misunderstanding.

Keep doing it your way.

Best of luck!

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Charley, you’re getting a little bit sensitive there. You’ve personalized something that was not personal. I never referred to you or your business practice. I simply expressed an opinion in response to the question that was posed on a public forum that happened to differ from yours and you get all hot and bothered about it. I really don’t care how you run your business.

My comments referenced the general practice of those who say they perform thermography inspection on every home inspection and bundle the cost in the form of a higher general home inspection rate. Not every day is well suited for performing residential thermography inspection.

Perhaps we should differentiate when someone is performing a thermography inspection in a somewhat controlled environment vs. those who simply use an imager to scan for “opportunity” finds while they happen to be on site. There really is nothing wrong with the opportunity scanning as it does increase the potential of finding things that are not readily visible to the eye, but it is not a reliable method if you don’t manage / control conditions during the thermography inspection process. Similarly, some of us inspectors insist on walking on rooftops vs. looking from the ground because it’s a demonstrably more reliable method of finding defects.

If I were simply doing opportunity IR scans, I wouldn’t advertise it, I would just simply use it as a tool during my inspection like I would an outlet tester or moisture meter.

I personally believe that when we advertise a service to the public, the service we provide should be professional and be able to stand up to rigorous professional scrutiny (Standards of Practice). I choose to be methodical when I perform residential infrared thermography inspections. Because doing so adds significantly to the time and cost involved for me to provide this additional service, I charge an additional fee specifically for it.

I always include thermal imaging in my home inspection price.