Thermal imaging training for home inspectors

Yes. I understand David. Lots happened at the beginning, I concur John was not Level certified at the beginning, to the best of my knowledge, and John took Level courses as time moved forward.
I think, but could be wrong, John took Monroe course if I am not mistaken. Don’t quote me on that.

Will. Hope you are well and in good spirits today.
I do not like individuals saying John was not a good teacher. As compared to what/who???
I took John 2 day course and was very happy. Many past students got on line and disputed what you are saying. Jealously has no place here. John was a good instructor. Sour grapes to anyone that wanted to trade places. Give it a rest. John is dead. Let him rest in peace.

Those of you that complain about John have had years and years to setup your own course. Still waiting…

Well, I’m half way through reviewing Will’s course. So something is on it’s way to production.

I have trained on this forum as much as I could. I have worked with a bunch of Thermographers on their individual jobs. Back in the day, Dale Duffy and “The Dirty Dozen” put together an association for doing jobs that required more hands on deck or specific related experience. They are still hanging out here. Your talking to some of them on this thread. You had every option to join that association. So our bitching is not just about sitting around here poking holes in peoples plans without good reason.

Jealousy has nothing to do with it! I understand you had a bromance with John, but don’t come here and try to jam us up. We have been working behind the NACHI cameras for years helping people any way we can. So don’t piss me off about this. I just spent half a day on this new production to try and help Will, not for pay, not for recognition. Tell me why I’m doing that? John was what he was. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all part of it. Take it for what it is.


This quote is quite true, I was trained and friends with Jim Sefferin and in my opinion Mckenna was in it for the money nothing else. His classes turned out students that were well below level 1 and did more harm to the IR industry than good.

Not trying to make anyone angry, David.
Happy another course is being developed.
Happy for William.:slight_smile:

I remember Dale and serval other of the dirty dozen hammering away at poor John McKenna. All evolved around “Level Course material.” Not one being reasonable as Jim Seffin quietly and professionally developed “APPLICATION COURSES.”
Optical Gas Imaging
Body Temperature Screening due to Covid-19.
Electrical Systems
Electro/Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Systems
Buildings & Roofs
Integrated Pest Management Professionals
Home & Building Inspectors
Weatherization Professionals

See, I considered John’s course an application into thermography course with certification of completion once passed. No more, no less.

Looking forward to the course material.
Keep well as always, David.
Best regards.
Robert Young

Say you, Charley. You picked on John along with Dale and serval others. Shame on you.
It was not a Level course. It was an introduction course and taught the dynamics and theory of Infrared Imaging.
As far as I am concerned, any course material that helps individuals get a solid understanding of the material being offered helps. What hurt this industry was individuals like yourself confusing members. It was not a Level course and nor did it cost the fee for admission into a level course.
Apples to apples when comparing.

But you just said;

There was nothing “certified” about that course to Thermography standards. That was one of those arguments that went on forever.

When it was not to standards or correct in many areas? Inspectors posting IR Certified all over their web pages, that’s false advertising. The only thing that is certified in Thermography is the course, not the students. I only know one “Certified Thermographer” so yes, one can be certified. But it takes more than a Building Science course.

Let’s not start this crap up again…

Misspoke. I’m bad.

Robert my point is as it always was John’s course gave his students the false impression that they knew something about IR. Thus why even today U see posted images of cheap cameras with narratives asking (what do you think about this) or what do u think causes this. U can defend John
's course all u like but us old timers know better

Yea, giving certificates and “certified” badges to post on your web page does not a Thermographer make.

How many of these guys post all the applications thermal imaging can be used for, when they can not analyze scans from any one of them. They claim building thermography is the easiest to do because it is quantitative, and they are just using it like a flashlight.

Posting Thermography on their web site is a “If I have it, they will come” for many, when it is about just doing a better job at inspecting. Where do the thermal images come from that they post? Not from them.