Thermal Imaging Video Clip

Note that it states that HUD now recommends a thermal imaging
inspection when you buy house…:wink:

In addition to using thermography during an energy audit, you should have a scan done before purchasing a house; even new houses can have defects in their thermal envelopes. You may wish to include a clause in the contract requiring a thermographic scan of the house. A thermographic scan performed by a certified technician is usually accurate enough to use as documentation in court proceedings.



Another reason why I’m digging deep to purchase one of these cameras.

I’ll have one within a few months. Can’t wait.

I traded in one of the kidz:shock:

I should get’m back in a few weeks, actually I think I got mine at around the same as John McK. and i can’t say enough good things about it.


Well, I don’t have kidz to trade in, but I do have an old Lady.

Does this thing do laundry and cook? before I do the trade in? ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: