Thermostat jumping

Can one of you guys tell me the color code to turn on the airhandler fan and cooling mode for a heat pump system so I can jump it at the thermostat body? Please I understand the liability issues doing this may present. Want to be able to do it anyway.

The fan is generaly the green wire. Red should be for power, and depending on the system the other wires can be different colors for different stuff. The yellow should be for the compressor. Blue for reversing valve. If you remove the cover on the compressor you can match up the wires that way too. I would ask Wayne, he should know the answer, since he is mr hvac.

Thanx Sean, This is what a limited search on the internet revealed also. I got a job that I know a four year old unit isn’t working on. I am going a little beyond to determine why it doesn’t respond when I inspect it tommorrow. It’s a foreclosure so I already know the bank has said they won’t fix it. Just want to see if I can give the guy some extra info.

red - 24 vac
grn - fan relay
Yellow - comp contactor
orange - reversing valve energizes in summer
blue - rev valve energizes in winter
black - neutral for lights at the stat
white - elect heat