Gettin nutty with the sawzall

I have seen some mods before but this one was needed to clear the door. The bottom chord was stripped length ways in half.

Sean, I like that opener reinforcement on the door. Guess they did not get the proper hardware when the bought the door. Must have been the Orange Box special.
There was enough room to install the opener below the torsion spring assemble without notching the trusses.
Oh well, gives us something to put in our reports, huh!! ;):slight_smile:

I found it quite funny.

It always amazes me to what extent people will go to do it wrong, when doing it right is usually a lot less work!

Hard to tell from the picture, but with torsion springs, you need 12" of head room and the track assembly that I see is not a low headroom track.

Obviously, it was a DIY jobby. :slight_smile:

Nice one Sean.